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SkyForce 2014 Makes a Comback, Unlimited Stars Trick

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SkyForce 2014 is actually quite an old game probably from 2004 or something, not a 2014 game as some may think. This game was first launched for Java based color phones working with .jar files, then later ported to Nokia Symbian phones such as N95 for example. Yes. it’s that old. However its graphics have been improved though.

The game itself brings nothing new to the genre, yet it stands out somehow with its gorgeous sounds and graphics. Unfortunately though, things changed since the Symbian era. Back then, there were no stupid greedy In App Purchases and games were all either truly free or not free. Those that weren’t free were just like any normal computer game. You would have to pay a one time fee and you would get the full game forever.

These days, greedy developers however force users into buying virtual coins if they want to progress through their games and imbecilic people who have nothing better to do with their money, finance these greedy bastards instead of boycotting them.

SkyForce 2014 for Android or IOS makes no exception. The game is supposedly “free” yet if you want to pass level 4 you would have to pay for some stupid starts at least 10 times if you want any real progression. A star pack gives you 5.000 stars at the price of $1, making it a total of $10. Now since weapon upgrade prices grow with each level, you won’t be able to do much with 50.000 stars but at least it may get you past level 4. After that, you either replay level 3 and 4 a hundred times or something, if you want to harvest starts for passing level 6, or you go into a buying spree again, financing Poland’s Infinite Dreams with infinite money.

Fortunately, as with all games reviewed on XtremLevel.com (now bought and owned by EUTimes), we have a special trick for you in store so that you won’t have to pay a dime and yet be able to finish the game. All you would need for this trick is a keyboard. This hasn’t been tested with a Bluetooth keyboard so we can’t confirm if this will work or not with a wireless Bluetooth keyboard, but it will 100% work with any wired keyboard. If you have a tablet keyboard with a small microUSB port, connect that to your smartphone or to your tablet, or connect any normal USB keyboard to your phone, using an OTG cable.

Once you connect your keyboard with your device, start the game and randomly press some keys on your keyboard, (asdqwe2324adfcxzgtvdfdc, you get the point) if this doesn’t work try with Caps Lock on.

After doing this, go to your hangar and you will be stunned to see all weapons at maximum for free.

However should want to manually upgrade your weapons, at least you can skip the waiting times. Just go to settings, date and time and forward your clock with whatever you need, 20 minutes, 1 hour, etc. This may also come in hand if you need to restore your hangar capacity (lives).

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