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Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100 Battery Drain & Can't Turn Off FIX

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A few days ago, we’ve received an email from a reader, asking us to offer a fix for Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100’s battery drain and a bizzare issue with being unable to turn it off.

We don’t usually do this but since we had an S2 in our possession we said why not? Especially with so many people complaining on the internet about these 2 bugs. Naturally, first we started by Googling these issues to see if anyone found a fix but no one did. Everyone offered solutions varying from a full reset to changing the USB board. None of these 2 did the trick.

We ran some tests on an old S2 with JellyBean 4.1.2 stock (never rooted) on it and we finally managed to replicate the two issues. Indeed the battery does drain like crazy on Galaxy S2 but there are many reasons for this.

Galaxy S2 Battery Drain FIX (this may apply to ANY Galaxy device, including Notes, Tablets, etc suffering from this issue)

Start with easy things like disabling GPS, WiFi, Mobile Data, Bluetooth, using Power Saving mode, etc. If none of these things fix your old S2 or you’re already keeping them disabled and only using them when needed, then move on to the next step.

Go to Application Manager, and permanently turn off/disable: SNS, Samsung Push Service, Google, Backup.

Believe it or not but “Google” app itself (the one with blue icon) is the main culprit of huge battery drainage along with Google Sync (does not have an icon but you can find it in Application Manager). If the issues continue, disable all Google apps, disable sync, auto-updates and use Aptoide instead of Play Store. Of course you may also try to reset your device and erase everything on it. Backup only your photos and videos, do not backup apps or settings. Before a reset try to install GSam Battery Monitor and Wakelock Detector-Save Battery. Have a look at which apps eat most of your CPU and which apps try to wakeup your phone when its on standby. Go to application manager and permanently disable the culprits.

You can also go to Wi-Fi, Advanced, Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep and check Never. This will consume your Mobile Data instead if you have it ON but if you have it OFF, it will consume neither and keep Wi-Fi off when on standby if you accidentally lock your phone and forget about disabling the Wi-Fi.

As a final solution you should also try to reset/refresh your battery. Refer to “First, deplete your Galaxy S2’s battery.” below for the guide on how to do this.

After applying the above fixes it is IMPOSSIBLE to have a battery drain on your S2. Unless of course… you need to actually buy a new battery because yours is probably dead…

Can’t Turn Off Galaxy S2 FIX (Turn Off acts like restart)

This is quite a weird issue. As soon as you turn off your S2, 2 seconds later they turn back on by themselves. Even if you hold the power button down for 10 seconds until the phone goes off still results in a restart… In some cases the phone starts by itself even as soon as you insert a battery in it! This seems to be like an issue mostly related to Galaxy S2 smartphones and no this is not normal, it was not meant to do that, it’s a bug which you are about to fix soon thanks to XtremDigital.com. Now this is quite an annoying issue, I couldn’t imagine myself having a phone that refuses to turn off and stay off…

Like most modern phones, removing the battery from S2 won’t reset its clock because the phone holds a small charge of current in some of its capacitors. You may keep your S2 without battery for a lot of minutes and your clock will still remain. This acts somewhat like a computer which even if you remove unplug it you will still have your clock and your BIOS settings because of a small CR2032 rechargeable lithium button battery placed on your motherboard. Leave your computer unplugged for a day or two (more or less depending on the age of your computer and therefore, the age of this battery) and your clock along with the BIOS settings will reset. Basically its the same story with phones.

First, deplete your Galaxy S2’s battery. Play a game, surf the internet do whatever you want until your phone reaches 0% battery and turns off by itself. Remove the battery, wait a few seconds, put it back in and try to start your device. Repeat the process until you are unable to start your device due to truly zero energy in your battery.

Now after you did that, remove the battery from your S2 and keep it removed for at least 3 hours or even a day if you can live that much without your phone. Finally, its time to place your battery back in your S2 and connect it to your charger. DO NOT TURN ON your phone under no circumstances! Leave it off and let it charge until it reaches 100%. After that, unplug your charger and voilla! Your S2 should not turn on by itself anymore and you should also have a better refreshed battery, working as if its brand new. If you see your phone’s clock reset after you’ve finished this, then everything went fine, if not, repeat the process and let your S2 unplugged and with battery removed for more time until you finally get a clock reset.

Alternatively you may also try to clean the phone’s USB charging port using a toothbrush and some isopropanol cleaning fluid. In some cases the USB port may even be bent downwards towards the back of the phone/battery. Using a thin and flat skrewdriver, gently attempt to bent it upwards. If none of these fixes your issues, try replacing the USB board altogether in your I9100 but first open up your phone and check to see the revision (REV) of the board because if you buy a board with a different revision, it may not work with your phone.

And last but NOT least, NEVER use fake Chinese cr@p chargers or whatever other charger. Use its own original charger! Galaxy S2 I9100 uses a 5V/700mAh charger. Use that and nothing else. Don’t have one? Then buy one or you will damage your phone over and over again until you can throw it away. Besides in some cases, fake chargers or fake batteries may even explode on their own and cause serious damage to your health or to your home/car. You may use third party batteries but be careful with them, stay away from Ching Chong Ling Long Chinese sh!t batteries found on Amazon and eBay or chances are they will explode or just permanently damage your phone. If you wanna go with higher capacity 3rd party batteries, at least buy reputable brands such as Mugen, ZeroLemon, Siedio.

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