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Psycho US Police Now Randomly Tase Elders and Beat Homeless in Florida

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An elder man in Key West, Florida was tased by cops despite raising his hands up in submission and offering no resistance. The Taser, despite being a non-lethal weapon, it is highly dangerous for old people and it has caused at least 634 deaths throughout the US since 2001 until 2009.

Also in Florida, Broward county, some random mentally challenged cop assaulted a homeless bum just for sleeping on a God damn public bench, slapping his face off as if he had his own house but refused to sleep home and preferred to sleep on benches instead. It’s not enough the man is poor and suffered everyday because of that and because of not having his own house but now he has to face random moron cops as well.

Notice how everyone is scared at these psycho cops and no one ever intervenes in any video to support the victims, no matter how innocent they are. And you can also notice how people are always sneaky recording their videos, hiding their cameras/phones as much as they can because they fear that the cops may go nuts on them and bash their skulls open just for recording the police, despite US Supreme Court ruling that IT IS LEGAL TO FILM COPS.

In the first video you can hear the people who are recording saying “Hope we don’t get harassed for recording it. Yeah maybe David, can you put it away?” at minute 0:53. And as for the second video, well the entire recording is from a hidden angle because he too was scared of recording the incident in plain sight.

Turns out the US right to bear arms is useless in America since no one ever stood up to these psychopathic cops. It is now a well known fact for most of the people throughout the world that America has the most brutal police force, rivaling only with those from communist dictatorships such as the USSR or North Korea for example.

American police officers are these days so aggressive, paranoid, psychopathic and thuggish that they feel the need to intervene in just about any situation. Such as slapping a homeless man for sleeping on a public bench. The rational question would be where the hell should he sleep then? On a tree perhaps? This case however is nothing when compared to a thug gang of cops who beat to death a homeless man while screaming “Dad, help me.” and begging for mercy but the American mentally ill police force, knows no mercy because its trained by Israel and DHS, the core of all the mental illnesses and evilness on this planet. The US police is now so evil and retarded that they have even arrested dozens of teens for only doing Youtube prank videos, girl scouts for trying to sell “unlicensed cookies” or lemonade, dozens of other kids for playing with TOY guns in front yard or at school.

American cops murder innocents almost on a monthly basis now. There is hardly any month without an unfair cop incident. Most of the times the victims are white but because they are “the majority” the American politically correct brainwashing media ignores them and almost never report about them. However whenever a black, Mexican or some other weird minority falls victim to the American psychopathic and indiscriminative police force, there are always riots and calls for violence and racism.

Maybe the time has come for white Americans to come back to Europe and live happy lives here while they still can, while their psycho government still allows them to leave America and renounce the US citizenship. Why we mention only white Americans? Because everyone else is not Europe’s responsibility. They are not Europe’s children and besides everywhere they go they seem to feel so damn “oppressed” among us whites, so best thing, is to stay away because we had enough of them and their complains and they probably had enough of us and our “racism”.

If you think all of this is already too much, think again because US brutal police version 2.0 is just around the 2016 corner, awaiting with robot cops.

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    Welcome to the 4th Reich thank you for your cooperation, have fun and come again.


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