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North Carolina black cop kills innocent white woman, no media outrage

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Betty Sexton had called officers to her home in Gastonia, North Carolina, to get help removing unwanted guests.

The negligence of American police officers led to a tragedy in North Carolina. A white woman, mother of two, called the police, but was shot dead by a black police officer, who arrived to her call.

Betty Sexton a mother of two, called the police after she saw two strangers on the territory of her house.

The recording of her 911 call says that the victim knew both of those individuals. She called the police so that the latter could help her remove the intruders from her home.

While waiting for the police to arrive, the woman grabbed an antique copy of a musket gun to scare the intruders. When the police arrived, the first thing they saw it Betty Sexton, armed with a musket.

“My sister would not hurt anyone,” Debra Kennedy, the victim’s sister said.

According to Debra, her boyfriend told police that the gun was not loaded or functioning, and when the cops ordered her to put the weapon down, she cooperated. Afterwards, officer LaDoniqua Neely shot the woman dead in the chest.

Officer Neely was sent on administrative leave for the time of the investigation.

Noteworthy, the police of the town, where the incident occurred, has shot and killed three people this year.

Despite all of this, there was almost zero media coverage and zero outrage. No one called anyone racist and there were no riots. Should the races be reversed in this case, cars would have been torched, markets destroyed and nation-wide Ferguson-style protests holding idiotic signs that say “black lives matter”. Well it seems that they do matter, while white lives do NOT matter and probably never mattered since white people just can’t come together and stand up for their own rights.

Officer LaDoniqua Neely ended up shooting Betty Sexton dead.


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