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Google angers thousands after ending GTalk for Windows PC

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Google is continuing the suicidal path it has enrolled in, since June 2013 when Eric Schmidt had his first attendance at elitist world domination organization, the Bilderberg. We have no idea what he talked about during that weird meeting but all we can say is that shortly after that, Google has slowly gone down the toilet more and more with each and every passing day.

Newest Google bad move was guess, what? To “end support for GTalk“. The program already existed, it didn’t need any updates nor did it had any updates for years now yet it worked flawlessly, yet Google “ended its support for it”. What exactly do they mean by ending support? They’ve simply banned it from being able to connect to your Gmail account. Was it consuming too much server bandwidth for them? Did they need a special server or hardware equipment? Or course not! All the program did was just to connect to your existing Gmail account, by ending support for GTalk, what they mean in fact, they banned it from connecting to that account. It’s almost as if they couldn’t sleep at night with this app still alive. So what is it? Why are they doing this? We don’t really have an answer to that, but however we have noticed a lot of “Goodbyes” lately from Google.

To make things worse, they offered Hangouts as an alternative to GTalk but Hangouts is just a useless chat app that can’t send files and can’t send people new email notifications. Don’t believe us? Just head over to Chrome’s Hangouts App and see its recent ratings. It has dozens, if not even hundreds of users who rated it 1 Star, taking revenge on the Hangouts and on Google itself for destroying GTalk, dropping Hangouts total rating to an all time low 3.27 stars.

So is there any alternative to GTalk some of you may ask? Is there an alternative way to receive Gmail email notifications on Windows computers? Yes there are some alternatives BUT…. none of these apps are made by Google itself so there’s a risk with that because you can’t never know if the developer is trustworthy. What if he steals your account, changes its password and locks you out forever? There’s also a possibility that the developer can be trustworthy but the app maybe flawed and hacker vulnerable. Either way using a third party app is risky and Google itself said it in their Goodbye GTalk email.

So, risky or not here are the alternatives. First we have the third-party alternatives suggested by Google itself in their last email announcing Google Talk’s closure. Problem with the link provided in that email is that there is no app specifically pointed towards. So what real choices do we have?

All of these apps should work but REMEMBER that you will be giving your username and password to a third party app which may or may not be trustworthy. Use at your own risk.

Trillian is probably the most trustworthy third party app out that that should be able to easily send you desktop notifications about new emails.

Pidgin comes second to Trillian in popularity as a third party app capable of notifying you of new Gmail emails.

Gmail Notifier Pro is up to date and should be working flawlessly because its sole purpose is to act as a notifier for new emails. Their free version allows up to 2 accounts connected at the same time. And they also have a paid version which allows multiple accounts connected at once. Neat… if you trust them with your accounts that is…

Gmail Notifier Plus according to Softpedia this should be a trustworthy app and reliable.

Gmail Notifier got some negative rep from download.com users but maybe its not that bad. Most of the users rated it 1 star because “its not made by Google” duh! We know that already! And that’s why we are here because there is NO official Google app that support email notifications for Windows PCs anymore.

Gmail Notifier this is a different Gmail notifier app, made by someone else. This app however seems to be different. It has a 4 stars Excellent rating by the Download.com Editor’s rating staff. It hasn’t been updated in quite some time now but it should still work…

WebMail Notifier has an above the average rating but hasn’t been updated since 2010.

If you have more or better suggestions please don’t hesitate to leave a comment. You should also share your experience with everyone if you ever used one of the apps above or if you know that one of them could be insecure or unreliable.


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