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Vast majority of Brazil babies delivered by Caesarean Section

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The Brazilian health minister warns of the C-section “epidemic.”

The Brazilian health minister has warned of the soaring number of cesarean sections carried out in the country’s health clinics as compared with natural birth, saying the “epidemic” must be stopped.

“The epidemic of cesarean births in the country is unacceptable and it must be treated as a public health problem,” Arthur Chioro said on Sunday.

According to the World Health Organization, a 15-percent occurrence of C-section is the recommended level for any country, however, official data in Brazil show the method is used to deliver an average of 56 percent of babies, with the figure reaching nearly 85 percent in private clinics.

The Health Ministry warns that the procedure increases the risk of respiratory difficulties for the baby by 120 percent and also triples the risk of mother’s death.

As part of the plan to control the increasing cases of C-section, as of July, Brazilian government will implement measures, including a right for the woman to request statistics of the frequency of cesarean deliveries, and a right to be informed about the health risks of undergoing an operation for delivery.

Furthermore, doctors are obliged to wait for contractions to begin in order to be paid by insurance, an initiative that is deemed to control unnecessary operations.

The Latin American state is the world’s fifth largest country in terms of both geographical area and population.


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