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State Forces Connecticut Teen With Cancer To Undergo Chemotherapy

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17-year-old girl with cancer is in an unprecedented legal battle with the state of Connecticut as the Department of Children and Families removed her from her home and forced the teen to receive chemotherapy.

The girl being identified as “Cassandra C.” in court papers was diagnosed with cancer in September, with doctors recommending she receive chemotherapy for the rare condition of Hodgkins Lymphoma. However, the teen refused treatment and her mother supported her daughter’s decision, causing Connecticut’s Department of Children and Families to step in and force the teen to receive treatment, WTIC-TV reports.

In November, the DCF successfully petitioned for an order of temporary custody of the girl and ordered her mother to cooperate with medical care administered to her daughter under DCF supervision. After two chemo treatments, Cassandra ran away from home before subsequently returning to refuse treatment altogether.

“Following a hearing at which Cassandra’s doctors testified, the trial court ordered that she be removed from her home and that she remain in DCF’s care and custody,” read court documents. “The court also authorized DCF to make all necessary medical decisions on Cassandra’s behalf.”


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  • Al Carrington

    The DCS is nothing but a criminal organization. I am sure they are claiming they are trying to save her life. Really, since when does exposure to radiation is a cure. Radiation kills, and I for one would never accepts this so-called treatment. It’s not treatment, it will kill her and that is certain. Natural remedies and a change in behavior are you best bets. More vitamin C in large quantities like (5000 milligrams should do the trick).

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