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Nigel Farage Denounces “Fifth Column” of Traitors Destroying Western Nations

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Just hours after a weird French Leftist publication was attacked by agitated Muslim terrorists, Britain’s Nigel Farage took the time to denounce the blatant failure of “multiculturalism” to win over the unwanted and uncontrollable aliens who have flooded into the West.

Featuring brief discussions on the insanity of open borders, and the ridiculous concept of a forced union of culturally-different countries, Farage then went further, blaming the Paris shootings, and other strikes within European nations, on a dangerous “fifth column” of traitors and subversives dwelling inside European confines, enabled by gross policies of tolerance to threaten the very existence of our societies.

While not particularly groundbreaking to those of us who fully comprehend the danger in our midst, the usual suspects, members of the above described fifth column, rapidly described Farage’s comments as being an example of “racism,” and sickening to “law-abiding and patriotic British Muslims,” an oxymoron if there ever was one.

Again, despite the seemingly watered down message contained within the words of Farage, and UKIP as a whole, to regular folks lacking an understanding of the issues, such remarks fall under the definition of “extremely hardcore” and revolutionary.

By addressing the obvious, we can gradually push the tide of conversation further, and by stopping the fatal hemorrhaging within the cities and towns we can buy ourselves enough time and space to deal with long-term problems.

Anything that advances even a small portion of our survival ideas is at this point a positive sign in the grand scheme of things. Like a dam that has sprung multiple leaks in its superstructure, our Western civilization is in dire need of patching if we intend it to survive for more than a few more decades.

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