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Mexico government announces 43 students are “definitely dead”

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The Mexican government says it is certain that the 43 students who went missing while at the hands of the local police force in the town of Iguala four months ago are dead. Despite only having definitive forensic proof of one of the students’ remains, authorities confirmed that all students were murdered, their bodies were burned and then dumped in a river close to the town where they disappeared.

The announcement is thought to be a reaction to mass protests in Mexico City on Monday night, when over fifty thousand people took to the streets to demand definitive action over the case.

The relatives and friends of the missing students continue to search the Guerrero State for the missing young people.

They claim that the government’s handling of the case has only worsened the situation, and that they have lost their confidence in authorities.

The confirmation by Mexican authorities that the 43 students were murdered is the first official statement acknowledging the violence.

The case has been disastrous for the government and only time will tell if the announcement by President Peña Nieto’s administration will put an end to the ongoing protests.


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