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Germany's PEGIDA Demonstration Breaks Records Again as govt Turns Off Public Lights

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Cologne Cathedral was plunged into darkness last night as the authorities switched off the power at famous landmarks to show their disapproval at anti-immigrant protests.

Even with their traitorous chancellor who rules Germany with an iron fist declaring the PEGIDA anti-invasion demonstrations “racist”, Germans have continued to turn out in record numbers for the protests against the savage monsters she is flooding the once-greatest-ever nation with.

Reports are putting the number at 18,000 on Monday night.

Dresden, having been part of the communist side, held on to its identity and traditions more (funny how that worked, huh?), and is thus the center of the protest movement, but other cities are also holding large Monday-night protests.

The silly “I believe everything the government and Professor Silversteinbergwitz told me” sheeple protested the protest by turning off their lights. Though despite the way the media reported it, it was mainly the government itself that engaged in that protest, switching off public lights, because in democratic/occupied bizarro-world Germany, the government protests the people.

Along with at various monuments across the country, the disgusting bastards turned off the lights at Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate, apparently suggesting that the great men who built that monument to German nationhood would have wanted the country to be converted to Islam through invasion and conquest at the behest of the Jews who quickly came out in support of their Semite Muslim brothers even though in Israel they hate each other with a deep passion.

Angela Merkel felt “really, really sad” that the people didn’t simply shut up and do as they were told after she insulted them.

In an act of outright blasphemy, the lights of the Cologne cathedral were even switched off, suggesting that the government expects the people to believe that Jesus Christ Himself wants Germany to become a part of the Islamic Caliphate.

The entire counter-protest was officially organized by the government against the grassroots. Many of the anti-German government supporters wore those idiotic Guy Fawkes masks and tried to riot.

So the “silent majority” is now a term which refers to the government itself? An occupation government at that, which is using state resources to mobilize people against a grassroots protest movement?

And the mainstream media is literally admitting that white guilt over the so-called Holocaust led to Germany being bullied by the United Nations into accepting an endless flood of primitive third world immigrants.

PEGIDA is not getting any smaller, despite the aggressive actions of the traitorous sellout government. Germany is rising from the dead, before our very eyes.

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