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French Police Commissioner Suicided After Attempting To Issue Murder Warrant Against President Obama

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An absolutely stunning Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today appears to show why all top US officials failed to join their counterparts in Paris yesterday who marched in solidarity against the Charlie Hebdo Massacre as it reveals a top French police commissioner was “suicided” within hours of his attempting to obtain a European Arrest Warrant for President Barack Obama and other as yet unnamed American leaders.

According to this report, French police Commissioner Helric Fredou [Photo top right] was tasked immediately after the 7 January Charlie Hebdo Massacre with the examination of documents contained in a small backpack found in the getaway car used by the killers Saïd and Chérif Kouachi, and which contained the driver’s license/identity card of Saïd.

Also discovered by Police Commissioner Fredou in this small backpack, SVR analyst in this report say, were a number of “cryptic documents” and telephone numbers, one of the most important being a US cell-phone number “directly linked” to former US general and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) director David Petraeus. [Photo 2nd right]

Upon Police Commissioner Fredou’s discovery of this “Petraeus-link”, this report further states, SVR signals intelligence data show he contacted Paris prosecutor François Molins and requested that the Cour D’assises (Assize Court) issue an immediate European Arrest Warrant for President Barack Obama and “other” such American officials to be named within 24 hours.

Within 3 hours of Police Commissioner Fredou making this request, however, this report continues, his body was found by his desk in his office with a single gunshot to the head at 0100hr on Thursday 8 January that was quickly ruled a suicide; and Obama regime officials began flooding the US media with reports that former CIA director Petraeus was in danger of being arrested on felony charges relating to classified materials found in his mistresses possession.

Though this SVR report doesn’t explicitly state what evidence Police Commissioner Fredou discovered to make his unprecedented request to have the American President arrested, it does allude to a much larger conspiracy surrounding the Charlie Hebdo Massacre which not only involves Saudi Arabia, but also the CIA.

Most critical to note about the Charlie Hebdo Massacre, this report states, is that it occurred 48 hours after French President François Hollande, on 5 January, stated to the Obama regime that the Western sanctions against Russia must be immediately ended.

Equally important to note, SVR analysts in this report point out, are that French authorities had, also, been warned about an impending attack upon their nation on 4 January when Saudi Crown Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud delivered the warning to French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, and as we had previously reported on.

Also to be noted is that the SVR in their previous (7 January) report noted that the killers behind the Charlie Hebdo Massacre were terror operatives of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS), a fact confirmed on 11 January when a martyrdom video of one of the killers named Amedy Coulibaly was released by ISIS. [Note: this previous report should be read as it provides needed context for this one.]

As France today begins to deploy an additional 10,000 troops throughout their country to (hopefully) forestall further attacks, and the West gears up for a fresh rampage across the war-scarred Middle East in response to this massacre, this report concludes, it should not be forgotten that the goal of Islamic violence is to bring down society’s fist on Europe’s Muslim minority – all the better to sweep them up into the waiting arms of al-Qaeda, the ISIS, or whatever form these fanatics invent.

But to who the real terrorist fanatics are, however, and according to the esteemed antiwar American author Justin Raimondo, one needs look no further than the corridors of Washington D.C., and of which he states:

“My biggest fear is that we’ll all wake up one day to find that the monsters are right here, where they’ve always been. By then it will be too late to leash them and put them in their proper place, which is a zoo.”


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6 Responses to " French Police Commissioner Suicided After Attempting To Issue Murder Warrant Against President Obama "

  1. Gracie Dijkhuyzen says:

    We in the EU must not lift the sanctions on Russia ,unless Russia stop terrorizing Ukraine..Russia is not following international laws..Russia must be removed from the United Nations.Russia is acting like a terrorist’s in Ukraine…

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    • Jake Jameson says:

      Come, Gracie. The US government orchestrated Maidan via CIA involvement. President Obama took a page right out of Kennedy’s manifesto (re: botched attempt to incite revolt in Cuba by arming rebels and devising strategy for failed coup de tat of Fidel Castro). The whole plot is so simple it would be laughable except that innocent people are suffering. U.S. uses NATO to continue to back Russia into a corner. IMF loans on Ukrainian infrastructure will render the people of Ukraine servants to the global banksters in perpetuity. Russia knows that in order to provide for her national defense the Crimea must remain under her control.

      I love my country, the U.S. of A. But I absolutely despise her government which is likewise seeking to bankrupt us so that we, too, can become slaves to the international banking cabal.

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    • Nina says:

      Gracie is a troll. And a shill for the Ukrainian Nazis.

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  2. Me says:

    What a disgrace the US has become, but what do you expect when there’s a usurper in office & who knows who controlling everything.

    The people of the gov’t are the most treasonous bastards out there.

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  3. MAFIAPPSOE says:


    HELRIC FREDOU hero of the resistance!!!!!!

    El comisario HELRIC FREDOU “SUICIDADO” quiso hacer una llamada URGENTE y muere con una venda puesta?¿!!!!

    El comisario HELRIC FREDOU “SUICIDADO” quiso hacer una llamada URGENTE y muere con una venda puesta?¿!!!!


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    Desenmascaran a la mujer que lloró por el director de Charlie Hebdo
    Guía para reconocer un Atentado de Falsa Bandera
    Paul Craig Roberts: “Ataque contra ‘Charlie Hebdo’ fue una operación de falsa bandera”


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  4. Oksanna Zoschenko says:

    This is a beautifully crafted piece of disinformation, almost a work of art. I love the “out there” comedic elements of the warrant – genius. Two questions, first, did you consider using space alien as an element, to further discredit anyone suggesting the death is not a suicide? Secondly, ever considered writing fiction as a career?,

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