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Britons feeling excluded in Birmingham

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A new study by the government has found that White working-class people in Birmingham feel betrayed and excluded by politicians who they feel have deserted them for non-White people.

Researchers from the Department of Communities and Local Government questioned White working class people around Castle Vale, which is still largely White.

One of the major concerns was that White people were not welcome in the city at night.

“He [a local White resident] talks of a few incidents that have occurred over previous years, including a road sign in an area with a high Asian population, on which was sprayed the phrase ‘No Whites after 8.30” the government report says.

“These ‘no-go areas’, according to him, are mirrored by Castle Vale, a place where he feels safe but others [other White people] would not dare go.”

The anonymous resident spoke about how he felt intimidated by the large “Asian” population (Muslim, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Indian).

“There’s these areas that have completely been took over… and you do feel very uneasy. Not just me, and I only drive into these areas, never actually walk into these areas, I just wouldn’t.”

“These are our little havens, places like Castle Vale, and it’s about 90 per cent white in this community, and it’s just such a relief you know…”

“Even though there’s people out there that would be terrified to come to Castle Vale, we can’t wait to get back to it.”

The city of Birmingham, or “Brum” as the natives call it, is the second most populous city in the UK, and it is also the second most non-White city, at 58% White. London takes first prize for being the most populous city and also the most non-White, at just 55% British.

London is predicted to be minority White in a few years, it is already minority British (45%). The government report predicts the same minority status for Birmingham by 2024.

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