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Argentina to dissolve intelligence body after prosecutor death

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The judicial investigation into the death of Argentine prosecutor Alberto Nisman brought to light the shady links between the CIA and Israel’s Mossad spy agency with the Argentine Intelligence Services. Nisman had filed a criminal complaint against the Argentine president for obstructing the probe of the AMIA Jewish community center bombing which took place in 1994.

According to Wikileaks the prosecutor had secret ties with the US and the Israeli spy agencies. Following his death, President Cristina Kirchner disbanded the Intelligence Secretariat and announced a sweeping reform of the national intelligence system.

The former Intelligence Secretariat, also known as “SIDE”, had also been heavily scrutinized by human rights organizations and social movements for alleged hatching of political operations against the government and its allies abroad.

A brand new Federal Intelligence Agency will replace the former organization. Experts warned that totally new procedures and an overall staff reshuffle must be carried out to guarantee effective changes in the intelligence services.

The new intelligence agency to be created after Congress approval will focus on the prevention of international threats coming from terrorism, drug dealing, human trafficking and other crimes. President Kirchner also stressed that, first and foremost, its actions and procedures must be in accordance with the National Constitution and respect the Human Rights act.


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