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Ukraine taken by surprise by thousands of African asylum seekers

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With the slow push of Ukraine into the political grasp of the European Union, it seems only fitting that they also begin to experience the joys of diverse multiculturalism; not left complete without the standard influx of non-European illegal immigrants whining for free handouts.

Long a stopping point on the route of Africans and Muslims into the more-plentiful grazing lands of the West, Ukraine’s porous border-area now sports multiple detention facilities meant to house third worlds whose refugee applications remain in doubt.

As is to be expected, the invaders have begun to grow restless, demanding specific foods, travel privileges, and an end to what one Somalian scavenger described as, “racist abuse,” which likely translates to simple humans suggesting a new routine of bathing, consistent clothing use, and a cessation of “surprise sex” attempts on local women.

The Africa Report:

Ukraine’s porous borders make it a favored entry point to the European Union (EU) for asylum seekers.

But a new treaty strengthening EU ties means many more will end up in Ukraine’s detention centres and prisons. At a refugee hostel in the Ukrainian town of Mukachevo near the Slovakian border African refugees live in limbo.

“I have been here nine months,” said a Sudanese man who asked for his name to be withheld. “Nobody has come to help us with the language, there has been no help with jobs.”

While conditions seemed clean and rooms were small but not overcrowded, the refugees complained about out-of-date food and a lack of support services.

Ukraine remains an important point of transit for thousands of undocumented migrants and asylum seekers from Africa and Asia who are attempting to enter the EU, which it borders.

Conditions for many have only got worse since the violence in the country earlier this year, and with the government’s agreement to act as a tougher surveillance force to protect the EU’s eastern frontier.

In September, refugees in Mukachevo told The Africa Report that in the past three months conditions in the hostel had got worse.

Supplies of food and toiletries had been reduced and they were told that this was because aid had been cut.

“If you think there’s a way we can make ourselves heard, please help,” one implored.

A Somali man named Cherko Ali said that some of them had been given work at a plastics factory close to Mukachevo, but had quit after being subjected to racist abuse.

Other refugees say that when they complained about their conditions, the officials who ran the hostel would threaten to kick them out.

Well, did anyone not think this was going to happen? As a rule, the entry of decadent traitors and Zionist internationalists into any form of government, especially in the last couple of generations, leads to an exponential increase in the level of non-European immigration, as even the suggestion of their aggressiveness is quickly labeled as racist.

Where are the legions of “Right Sector” fighters fresh from combat in the eastern sections of the country? Why have they not expelled these humanoid relics of the Old Stone Age?

It looks like the “Nationalism” touted in the last year, is becoming even more of a fiasco than expected, as these Blacks may be deciding to stay for the long-term.

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