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Thug Beats Elderly Man in Suspected 'Racial Attack'

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An elderly man was brutally savaged by a street black thug as he walked through a Bronx neighborhood in broad daylight, a beating the man referred to as a senseless “racial attack.”

Bronx resident William King, 67, is seeing the neighborhood he’s lived in for forty years in a different light after yesterday.

On Monday, King was walking down the sidewalk, near Briggs Avenue and East 197th Street, minding his own business when a man grabbed him from behind, threw him to the ground and began beating him mercilessly.

A home surveillance camera captured the random assault, and shows King’s attacker also had an accomplice keeping watch from across the street.

When it was over, King was worse for wear.

“I got a cut above over my eyelid, and the side of my face is numb, I can’t open my mouth that well and I had a lump the size of a baseball on the side of my head,” King told WABC News.

Close-up illustrates eye injury William King, 67, incurred following beating.

The attack, however, didn’t have the hallmarks of a typical street mugging. Instead, King believes the attack was likely motivated by race.

“I believe it was a racial attack, they weren’t trying to rob me, I had money on me and my wallet and all. They weren’t trying to rob me,” adds King.

Police are asking for the public’s help in tracking down the men, who King referred to as “animals.”

“They’re animals. They’re not human, they’re not human at all,” King said.

King’s attack could be a symptom of the larger racial hysteria stoked by the establishment media and the Justice Department, who are working in lockstep to create division by redirecting outrage stemming from numerous police killings of unarmed Black men.

The same type of misguided retribution followed the death of Florida teen Trayvon Martin, where “social justice activists” carried out retaliatory attacks against innocent citizens in a series of unprovoked “Justice for Trayvon” attacks.

As the race baiting continues, and the divide and conquer tactic pitting black against white proves more and more effective, similar future attacks should be expected.


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