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Obama threatens retaliation after FBI accuses North Korea of Sony Hack

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“The Interview” involves a plot that leads to the fictional assassination of the North Korean leader.

US President Barack Obama has threatened to retaliate a cyber attack on Sony Pictures after the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) publically blamed it on the North Korean government.

“They caused a lot of damage and we will respond. We will respond proportionally… in a place, time, and manner that we choose, ” said the US president at a year-end news conference on Friday.

The hack which has been described as the most devastating cyberattack on a US business has paralyzed Sony Pictures and led to the cancelation the release.

“I wish they had spoken to me first… We cannot have a society in which some dictatorship someplace can start imposing censorship,” Obama said, calling the cancellation a “mistake.”

Earlier in the day, the FBI said in a statement it “now has enough information to conclude that the North Korean government is responsible for these actions.”

Hackers have threatened 9/11-style terrorist attacks in the United States because of a controversial movie, “The Interview,” that depicts the fictional assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

Last month, Sony executives received an email warning them not to release their “movie of terror,” referring to “The Interview.”

A trove of sensitive documents was also exposed in the hacking incident.


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