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New species discovered in western Pacific Ocean

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A fragile snailfish found at a depth of 8,145 meters in the Mariana Trench, western Pacific Ocean.

Researchers have discovered many new species at the greatest depths ever recorded in the Mariana Trench located in western Pacific Ocean.

The species were explored during the researchers’ expedition to the deepest trench on Earth, at 8,143 meters below the surface which is 500 meters deeper than the previous record.

The expedition broke several records for the deepest living fish either caught or seen.

A variety of snailfish and a number of new fish species such as white translucent fish with broad wing-like fins and an eel-like tail are among the discovered communities of animals.

The team also captured the deepest rock samples ever collected. The researchers took the expedition by using five deep-sea vehicles at depths from 5000-10,600 meters.

A group of researchers from the Schmidt Ocean Institute in the US state of California took this recent sea floor trip, which is a research project of Hadal Ecosystem Studies (HADES).

“Many studies have rushed to the bottom of the trench, but from an ecological view that is very limiting. It’s like trying to understand a mountain ecosystem by only looking at its summit,” said co-chief scientist Dr. Jeff Drazen from the Schmidt Ocean Institute.


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