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MTV Show "Growing Up Greek" Slanders Greek-Americans

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A brand new television show that will be premiering on MTV titled “Growing Up Greek” has sparked outrage and protest within the Greek-American community.

The “reality” show, follows the infamous “Jersey Shore” template. In this case it portrays a group of young “Greeks” in Tarpon Springs, Florida who get publicly intoxicated, partake in senseless violence, and debase actual Greek culture into an insulting and defamatory caricature.

The Greek community of the United States has labored tirelessly to create a reputation for hard work, charity, family values, and pride. A petition created by Greek-Americans has garnered thousands of signatures calling for the show’s cancellation on the basis that it completely misrepresents the actual Greek experience in America.

Alas, we encounter the following question:

IF GREEKS DIDN’T CREATE “Growing Up Greek”, THEN WHO EXACTLY DID? MTV is a branch of Viacom Inc., which is controlled by executive chairman Sumner Redstone (real name: Sumner Murray Rothstein) as well as President and CEO Phillippe Dauman, both of whom are Jewish. Additionally, 3 of 5 major Viacom Inc. shareholders (Phillippe P Dauman, family of the late Alan C Greenberg, and George S Abrams) are also “the chosen”. Finally, the two Presidents of Viacom Media Networks who are in charge of micro-managing the company’s broadcasting wing are Doug Herzog and Van Toffler, also members of the “tribe”. Even among the mid level executives of this show, people can be found such as Lauren Dolgen, daughter of Viacom former chairman Jonathan Dolgen. She is known for “wholesome family shows” such as “16 and pregnant“.

Greek-Americans who are outraged by this show should start discussing who is behind its production, rather than simply complaining about the phony theatrics seen by these “Greeks” broadcast on the television screen.

“Growing Up Greek”, constitutes little more than a hate motivated attack by the tribal media monopoly designed to libel and mock Greeks and Hellenism.

“Growing Up Greek” is by no means a new phenomenon and Viacom Inc has encountered similar controversy time and time again. In 2010 the Italian-American community united in protest against MTV’s “Jersey Shore” for celebrating drug abuse, promiscuity, low-life behavior, and portraying the Italian people as hedonistic animals. In 2013 a similar program titled “Party Down South” was created based on the insistence of Viacom executives and it portrays American Southerners in an equally malicious fashion. These programs are marketed as “reality shows”, but it is common knowledge that they are actually scripted and the cast members are instructed by producers on how to act to keep the programs “entertaining”.

Effectively, Viacom’s television shows do not represent any ethnic group accurately, they are instead insight as to how Zionists perceive the rest of the world, as well as the self-destructive behavior they want young people in these communities to mimic after watching their programs.

It is no coincidence that Italian-Americans, Greek-Americans, and American Southerners are targeted by Zionists with this type of slander. Why is that?

These ethnic groups in particular are renowned for being conservative and family oriented, yet do not have the economic, political, and especially media clout to effectively defend themselves from this sort of sick degradation.

We encourage Greeks and non-Greeks to join together to get this vile program off the air, by signing the petition, boycotting its sponsors, and refusing to watch any and all TV stations owned by Zionist Viacom.

Channels Owned by Viacom Inc: MTV, CMT (Country Music), VH1, Logo (homosexuality-oriented channel), Palladia, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, Spike TV, BET (Black Entertainment Television) and TV Land.

As of December 2nd the Zionist organizations masquerading as institutions with the intention of defending Greeks from defamation, AHEPA and Hellenic American Leadership Council (HALC) have ignored numerous requests to comment on this issue.


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