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Cuba president slams 'unfair' globalized world

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Cuban President Raul Castro

Cuban President Raul Castro has called on the Caribbean countries to boost their economic and political ties in the face of an “unfair” globalized world.

Castro made the remarks during a regional summit by 15 member states of Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and Cuba in the capital Havana on Monday.

The meeting aims to enhance trade and cooperation among the participating countries.

“I propose that we share viable ideas and proposals to keep working together to develop bilateral cooperation and exchanges, and to diversify our economic and trade relations to face the challenges of the globalized, unfair, and unequal world in which we live,” President Castro said.

The Cuban leader added the Caribbean countries “must survive in a world rattled by a global economic crisis,” and further urged “political, economic and social integration.”

The CARICOM member states, for their part, vowed to agree on more economic cooperation and infrastructure projects.

On Sunday, the Caribbean leaders called on the United States to end “senseless” sanctions imposed against Cuba over five decades ago.

The US imposed a partial trade embargo on the Caribbean island nation in October 1960 and a full trade one in February 1962.

The two countries have lacked full diplomatic relations since 1961.


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