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Australia tightens immigration policies amid criticism

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A handcuffed Christmas Island detainee being led to a plane bound for Sydney and the Silverwater detention center.

Australia has tightened its controversial immigration laws by introducing temporary visas for refugees, which do not grant settlement in the country.

Australia’s lower house of parliament narrowly approved amendments to the Migration Act on Friday following a debate on the issue in the Senate, the upper house of the legislative body.

Dubbed the “temporary protection visas” (TPVs), refugees are granted protection for up to three years, but they will not be allowed to settle in Australia permanently.

However, at the end of the three-year period, refugees could be sent back to their home country.

The re-introduction of the TPVs, used by previous Australian governments, is aimed at dealing with the backlog of 30,000 asylum-seekers who arrived by boat from neighboring countries.

“We always said that three things were necessary to stop the boats, offshore processing, turning boats around and temporary protection visas and last night the final piece of policy was put in place,” Prime Minister Tony Abbott said.

International globalist pressure has mounted over Australia’s offshore detention of third-world primitive invaders on Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean as well as turning back the boats filled with these illegals.


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