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Salmond slams Labour-Tories campaigning against Yes vote

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Scottish First Minister

Scotland’s outgoing First Minister Alex Salmond has lashed out at the Labour Party over campaigning with Conservatives against Scottish independence.

Salmond said Labour in Scotland “will pay the price for a generation”. The comments came as opinion polls suggested that Labour was already facing a downfall in Scotland following the referendum.

The Scottish Nationalist Party leader added that anger is growing at the way the party had been prepared to unite with the Tories to campaign for a No vote.

“The role, hand-in-glove, shoulder-to-shoulder with the Conservative Party in the referendum campaign is not going to be either forgotten or forgiven for a generation in Scottish politics,” he said.

Still, Salmond refused to rule out the possibility of the Scottish Nationalist Party joining a coalition with Labour if another parliament is hung at Westminster.

He stressed that despite the failure in September, Scots would continue to push for independence and will eventually leave the United Kingdom.

“The great thing is it will be actually determined by the Scottish people, not the views of any single politician”, he said.

Latest opinion polls suggest that over one thirds of Scots support another vote on their separation from Britain within the next ten years and over half want a referendum on their independence in just five years.


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