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Romania elects 2014 president of German descent

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Newly elected president of Romania 2014, Klaus Werner Iohannis of German descent.

Romania has finally come to its senses and elected Klaus Werner Iohannis as its next president, the current mayor of former cultural capital of Europe, Sibiu, which is of German descent.

Romania is one of the most poorest and corrupted nations in Europe alongside with the likes of Bulgaria, Albania and Moldova, competing with some of the world’s poorest nations from Asia and Africa.

Shortly after the fall of communism in 1989, Romania has been haunted by limitless political corruption with dozens of years passing by and with only little been done throughout the years, however all of this might soon change.

Having a German president, might actually help this poor Balkan nation to form some sort of political alliances with Europe’s mightiest economical power: Germany.

Berlin hasn’t officially supported Klaus Werner Iohannis nor did Angela Merkel promised anything in return if the Romanians elected the Iohannis as their president however there are huge chances that Romania’s new president might be able to attract German investors and factories which can offer jobs with decent salaries in Romania.

Thousands of Romanians riot in some EU nations

There are some 1.2 million migrants currently living in Italy alone plus many more living in other nations such as Germany, Spain, France and the United Kingdom. Most of the Romanians who live abroad simply left because of the horrible poverty their nation is suffering from. The majority of these people living abroad, wanted to vote for Klaus Werner Iohannis but the current Prime Minister of Romania, Victor Ponta a leftist socialist knew that the majority of Romanians living abroad would vote for his opponent and so he organized the elections in such a manner that there have been thousands of Romanians who have been left unable to cast their vote. A severe fraud one may say yet this is nothing new for Eastern European nations such as Romania.

Election frauds have been haunting this nation ever since its conversion to democracy in 1989.

The Romanian government led by Victor Ponta has refused to extend the election hours until everybody could actually vote and express their wish for who should actually lead Romania. Thousands of angry Romanians protested in Turin Italy and Paris France for being unable to cast their vote but they were countered by the Italian and French police with tear gas.

Despite the severe election frauds done by the Romanian government led by the leftist socialists, Ponta refused to resign from its role as Prime Minister of Romania and it is yet unclear if the new president, Klaus Werner Iohannis will legally pursue Ponta for these frauds.

Two presidential candidates of Minority Origins and Dirty Political Tricks

Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta of Albanian descent

For some strange reasons, the Romanians elected two candidates for round two, both of whom are of minority descent. Klaus Werner Iohannis as said before is of German descent while the current Prime Minister Victor Ponta is of Albanian descent, a country in which Islam is at 58.79% while Christianity at only 17.06% yet Ponta accused Iohannis of being a “fake Christian” and strangely enough he also accused Iohannis of being “German” and therefore “not a good Romanian”, even though Ponta himself isn’t a Romanian and declared just recently that he is of Albanian descent.

The socialist Romanian Prime Minister also accused Iohannis of human trafficking and even went as far as accusing him of organ trafficking of some 3 children who were given for adoption to a Canadian family back in 1990. Back then, Iohannis was only a teacher and acted as a translator for a poor old village woman who willingly gave 3 sibling kids to adoption after the kids both parents died.

For 9 years, the grandmother who gave the kids to adoption never said anything, yet back in 2000 when Klaus Werner Iohannis firstly tried to become mayor of Sibiu, the socialists probably paid the old woman to lie that he insisted and threatened her with her life if she doesn’t give the kids for adoption, in order to thrash his image and stop him from becoming winning the local elections. Now recently the story has been re-brought to light with even more exaggerated claims that the kids were killed and their organs used in organ trafficking rings from Canada.

Fortunately for the children, the story has been found to be fake and re-fabricated by the socialist Albanian Prime Minister of Romania in order to thrash Iohannis’s political image again, just like in 2000, all 3 kids have been identified on Facebook and are all alive and well living in the state of British Colombia of Canada.

Ponta’s socialist political party, even went as far as sending political flyers threatening to cut pensions to mindless village peasants who thought the notes were government authentic, if they elect Klaus Werner Iohannis, when in fact all they were, just socialist political propaganda in its dirtiest possible way.

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  1. ovi says:

    :) Congratulatios to Mr Iohannis!!! I am so happy that we the romanians living abroad or back home,have managed to stop the socialist -psd and their leader the prim -minister v ponta from getting the power and send Romania again in the shadows of progress,civilization and well being for all of our citizens….With his election..Mr Iohannis Klaus…Same it happenned in 1866 when we got a german king, Carol I of Hohenzollern that had changed completely a balcanic mentality and rallied the country to obtained the Independence from the turks!!!! The story I hope will repeat to get rid of communists ,ponta and his fellows who were trying to steal the elections again and implement their policys protecting the corruption and corrupted members of the goverment!!! God help Romania and their true romanians!!!! A true transylvanian/romanian guy,who has a mixture of romanian,hungarian and german blood flowing through his veins!!!! :)

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