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New SNP Leader Vows to Make Scotland Independent

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The new leader of Scotland’s National Party, spearheading the country’s independence from the UK, repeats ambition to make Scotland an independent country under her watch, suggesting she may call another independence referendum.

Speaking on Saturday on the second day of the SNP national conference in the city of Perth, Nicola Sturgeon, who’s taken over from Alex Salmond as the party’ chief and is waiting to become Scotland’s first female First Minister, has described Scotland first September 18 referendum on self-determination, which was defeated at the ballot box, as “unwon”.

“The friends know this it will be won,” said the 44-year-old lawyer. “Scotland will become an independent country,” Sturgeon added.

Sturgeon said she would continue the fight for Scotland’s independence in her speech at the party’s annual conference on Saturday as well.

The brains behind Scotland’s first botched independence referendum said the Scots have lost faith in London-based parties.

“Power over Scotland no longer rests in the corridors of Westminster, it rests with Scottish people and that is where it will stay,” she said.

Polls show the SNP is surging in polls against the Labour, partners with Tories (conservatives) in the British coalition government and that’s made the party a kingmaker in the upcoming general elections.

Sturgeon urged the Scottish voters not to vote Labour in May 2015 elections to take down the Conservatives as well.

“That is the biggest con trick in Scottish politics and we must not fall for it again,” she said. “Scotland did vote Labour at the last general election, but we still ended up with the Tories.”

Salmond’s deputy for years, Sturgeon is expected to win the Scottish parliament vote to take over the country’s politics in the new capacity as Scotland First Minister.


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