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Mexican protesters attack government building in Guerrero

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Thousands of protesters have attacked a government building in Mexico’s Guerrero State amid popular anger against the apparent killing of over 40 college students in September.

The enraged, masked protesters in Chilpancingo, the capital of Guerrero, threw rocks at the building’s windows and burned around 10 vehicles in the area on Saturday.

They said the Mexican government has been involved in the apparent killing of 43 students near the southern town of Iguala on September 26.

The students, all trainee teachers, disappeared in Iguala following an attack by police forces suspected of having links to drug gangs. The incident took place during a protest over teachers’ rights.

The protest in Chilpancingo came after authorities said gang members had confessed to the killing of the students and burning their bodies.

Mexico’s Attorney General Jesus Murillo Karam said on Friday that three detained gang members have admitted to killing the students by setting fire to them.

The attorney general said the gang members have claimed in their confessions that the police had handed over the students to them.

The suspects also confessed that they took the students to a site in Cocula, a city near Iguala, adding that around 15 of the victims were already dead and they shot dead the others before setting them ablaze.

Despite the confessions, parents of the missing students say they must be shown hard proof before they believe that their children have been killed by gang members.

“For us, these [declarations] are another shameless way in which the federal government is torturing us,” Felipe de la Cruz Sandoval, a spokesman for the parents, said in a press conference on Friday.


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