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Local News Advises Residents To Play Dead During Home Invasion

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A local news segment purporting to provide tips on how to survive a home invasion ludicrously advises faking a heart attack or fainting if faced with potentially violent intruders.

A report from Houston ABC / Disney affiliate KTRK yesterday gave several good preparedness tips on what to do if you’re home and hear the sound of glass breaking.

“Always have that contingency plan drawn up in your head,” security expert Miguel Yanez advised. “It’s okay to walk around the house and draw up scenarios. It’s not being paranoid, it’s being prepared.”

The security expert says to answer your door if you hear a knock, because most burglars are looking to loot empty houses. It also recommends keeping a phone close to your bed while you sleep, in addition to pepper spray and possibly a baseball bat or other heavy object “if you decide to fight.”

While most of the advice seems sensible, one tip in particular stands out:

If you come face to face with an intruder and you’re not prepared, lie down and do not look at them. Pretend to have a heart attack or breathing problem.

That’s right. If you come face to face with a potentially violent home invader, TV news says one of your best bets is to lie down.

Puzzlingly, the advice to lie down and play dead is followed by a quote from Yanez, stating, “Don’t let fear paralyze you.”

“When you become paralyzed by fear, that’s when you really do become a victim. Nothing is worth the life or safety of your family. Let them take whatever they want to take.”

Unlike a Today Show segment we highlighted in September, the KTRK report at least pays lip service to the most obvious method of home defense in a quick outro, telling readers and viewers “to know how, when, and where to use” guns.

In September, an episode of NBC’s Today Show completely omitted firearm ownership from a segment outlining home invasion tips, instead suggesting victims keep a can of wasp insecticide by the bedside to use on burglars, in complete violation of federal law, in addition to suggesting that thieves be treated “like royalty” and be directed to where all your important belongings are.

While lying down and faking a heart attack would most likely make an intruder pause in a brief moment of confusion, their next moves would be unpredictable.

Make no mistake, despite what the Today show and local news segments advise, being a properly trained gun owner remains one of the most effective methods of stopping an intruder dead in his tracks.


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