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Heavy flooding kills at least 35 in southern Morocco

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A car is carried away by flood waters in the southern region of Ouarzazate in Morocco, November 22, 2014.

At least 35 people have been killed in a flooding in Morocco while 214 others have been rescued, the country’s Interior Ministry says.

The southern province of Guelmim which was worst affected by the floods, accounted for 24 of the fatalities, the Interior Ministry said in a statement.

The statement added that 214 other people have been rescued following the deadly flooding in the country.

About 130 all-terrain rescue vehicles and 335 Zodiac inflatables and other boats were being used for the rescue operations, the Interior Ministry said.

The floods have also severely damaged parts of the country’s road network. Two dams on major rivers in Morocco’s southeast are beyond their reservoir capacity and are being carefully watched by authorities.

The national weather service warned that more heavy rainfall was expected until Monday.

Flash floods commonly occur in Morocco. Four children lost their lives in the south of the country in September when they were washed away by floods.

The authorities have expanded alert systems in valleys of the Atlas region, especially in tourist hub, Ourika, located south of Marrakech city, where hundreds were killed in flash floods in 1995.


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