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Glenn Beck Admits Mysterious Brain Disease

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Glenn Beck, a so-called US “conservative” produced quite an uproar Monday evening, admitting on his self-run television program that he has been suffering from a progressively debilitating, and almost certainly terminal, brain and neurological disease for the last several years.

According to Beck, the symptoms of his condition include crippling nerve pain, a loss of cognitive abilities and memory, as well as intermittent seizures combined with a growing inability to sleep.

At the moment, a radical treatment program seems to have halted the sickness, although there is little scientific material to indicate whether it would flare up again in the near future, or stay in remission.

Glenn Beck has admitted to have omitted a few important facts which haunt our modern society because he was “scared”, saying: “I have never lied to you, but I have omitted a few really important facts because they scared me,” Beck admitted, beginning to swallow back tears. “I didn’t have any answers, and the answers I was being given at the time meant… the end of our time together.”

Beck said that five years ago, around the time of his Restoring Honor event in Washington, D.C., God began to tell him that he was standing in the wrong place. At around the same time, his health issues began, starting with vocal cord paralysis, eyesight problems and what doctors at first believed was a painful form of neuropathy.

“While I was at Fox, the pain would get so bad that my camera crew, our executive producer Tiffany and I, had worked out hand signals so they would know when to take the camera off of me,” Beck revealed. “We didn’t know at the time what was causing me to feel as though, out of nowhere, my hands and feet, or arms and legs would feel like someone had just crushed them, set them on fire or pushed broken glass into them.”

Glenn Beck calls himself a conservative but what exactly is he conserving will probably always remain a mystery since he is a strong supporter of Zionism and of mass immigration or better said invasion of America by southern nations, particularly Mexico.

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