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Flooding wreaks havoc in northern Italy

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Storms, heavy rain and flooding have battered an already water-logged north-central Italy, shutting down costal roads and rail links.

The heavy rain triggered flash floods, causing rivers to burst their banks, forcing limited evacuations and closing road and bridges on Saturday.

Italy’s civil protection agency issued flood alerts for a large region of the country, from the port city of Genoa on the west to the eastern region of Veneto.

One man is feared dead after a torrent of water swept his car off the road in Mignangeo near Genoa.

Local authorities have called on residents to avoid using vehicles and to stay indoors.

This week’s death toll from Italy’s floods reached five people on Friday, raising this month’s toll to nine.

The flashfloods are estimated to have inflicted 125 million dollars’ worth of damage.

On October 10, an overnight storm caused two of the Genoa’s rivers, including the Bisagno, to burst their banks and send torrents of flood waters through the streets.

The gush of water caught city officials by surprise as it sent torrents of muddy water through the streets, destroying store fronts and sweeping aside cars.

The floods also knocked out the city’s electricity and closed public centers for more than half of the day.


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