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Ferguson trial eye-witness found dead, burned and head shot in his car

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DeAndre Joshua who was found dead in Ferguson, Missouri. Police confirmed that he had been shot in the head and had accelerant poured on his body.

First Pro-Truth Witness Murdered? Or, Just Trying To Get To Dorian? DeAndre Joshua, 20, found dead yards from scene of Michael Brown’s death…

DeAndre Joshua, 20, fits the social profile of an eye-witness who gave a police/FBI statement and testified before the Grand Jury in the Mike Brown shooting case. He was an employed black male, with no history of drug use or illicit behavior. He was also a friend of Dorian Johnson who is currently under protection.

Obviously, as you can see, Dorian is freaking out right now.

Several of the eye-witnesses, who gave honest testimony to the Grand Jury, were, according to their own statements, warned immediately after the shooting to keep their mouths shut. All of the eye-witnesses were African American. If you read the reports the sense of fear about speaking the truth is overwhelming.

Many, if not all, of the witness statements outlined in police reports, FBI reports, and later in Grand Jury testimony who testified to the factual events as outlined by officer Wilson, and whose testimony fit the physical and forensic evidence were threatened by the local Canfield Greens community.

A man has died during the Ferguson riots just yards from where Michael Brown was shot dead. Residents on Canfield Drive said that DeAndre Joshua, 20, was shot whilst in his car though police at the scene refused to confirm any details.

DeAndre’s grandmother Renita Towns said that ‘somebody killed him’ during the carnage.

She said that he graduated Beaumont High School and that he was working in Wal-Mart.

Family member Brian Joshua, 45, added: ‘He was a good kid, he’s gone to high school, he’s got a job, he’s not into drugs or any of that stuff.

‘I only saw him yesterday morning. He was a smart guy, he spoke cleanly, he was positive’.

Police took away DeAndre’s white Pontiac Grand Prix and interviewed witnesses around 11am.

A woman in her 20s broke down in tears and said: ‘I knew him, he was my twin’.


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  • Evan

    This was published by the right-wing Breitbart site and picked up. Notice that it is worded so that it can be carried equally by right wing or left wing conspiracy theorists. Notice also that the links in the original report make inflammatory charges but only refer to the *entire* corpus of grand jury material to document specific statements. Notice also that its sole basis for this inflammatory charge is a tweet which has nothing to do with the charge, for all we know.

    Your disinformation site has reached a new low. As has Breitbart’s.

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    • Reg

      Wait, are you saying this young man was not found dead in a car? Are you saying he was not a trial eye witness? If so, what is your source for that information. If not, exactly what are you calling “disinformation,” seeing as these are facts?

      You seem more upset about people reporting the truth than you do by the truth itself.

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      • Evan

        I’m not saying he was not found dead in a car or that he was a trial eye witness. There is NO indication that he was a “trial” [It wasn’t a trial; it was a grand jury investigation. Allegedly.] eyewitness, or that he testified for “truth” one way or the other. So the author is taking a news story and, with absolutely no evidence presented, insinuating that he was killed for telling the “truth”.

        This is called disinformation.

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        • bud

          =)) =)) :D =)) :o :o =)) =))
          Even I have read statement and some of your replies. Taking a guess your probably a mike brown supporter and believe everything the media states and shows.
          WOW JUST WOW

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    • Parker

      Evan you’re a fucking idiot but I bet you’ve already been told this thousands of time in your life by others so ummm…. nothing new here.
      What does it matter to you that this was started by “Breitbart” or any other “right-wing” sites???

      As far as I’m concerned it may even come from fucking aliens from Mars! Do you think I give a shit? all I care is that this poor bastard was found dead in his car and he was either a witness himself or a friend of the witness Dorian Johnson, so no matter what shit you talk, you can’t change facts!

      You are so mentally challenged that if Hitler came to you right now and said 2+2=4 you would say “NO!!!!!!! it equals 5, you nazi right-wing conspiracy scum!”

      Truth is truth no matter WHO tells it so fuck off you piece of shit!

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      • Alexander

        @ Parker
        I’m usually the pacifist type and I try to avoid verbal conflicts. I would usually tell you to leave him alone in his stupidity but then again this is becoming a growing problem with people these days. Instead of the movie Walking Dead, we would soon have Walking Retards if we don’t stand up to them. More and more are becoming like him, even here in the UK we have the same problem, people are denying what Nigel Farage of UKIP says just because he is “a right wing conspiracy nut”… If the same words were spoken by Tony Blair or the current Labour leader Ed Miliband, would they make them more true? WTF is wrong with people these days? :o

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      • Evan

        =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =))
        Parker, thanks. Haven’t laughed so hard for a long time.

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    • Phyllia

      Here’s another source if you doubt the article’s validity. http://www.cbsnews.com/news/cops-body-of-man-found-in-car-in-ferguson-was-burned/

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      • Evan

        Phillia, there is no indication the guy had anything to do with the trial.

        Guy writes article saying that trial witness for the “truth” was horribly murdered. Gives zero proof.

        Phillia comes along and says, look, guy shot and killed in a random murder. Here’s your proof!

        Um… No, that’s not proof of the claim that the guy was killed because he testified to the “truth”.

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  • Miss Info

    Can we find out if he was really a witness before we include that into the article head line? And to play devils advocate. Remember there are bad people on both sides of this speculation mass hysteria. Maybe he gave testimony supporting the cop and was killed by those who wanted “justice.” Just a thought for ya.


    So sad it’s not news anymore just media like watching the Simpsons desperately trying to get ratings for money from commercial backers. How easy the public is swayed by the channel they spend too much time watching.

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  • Lefty Blitzer

    The work of Teabaggers and Republicans who have proven over and over that they are fascist, anti-American TRAITORS. It is time they were all dragged into the street and summarily executed.

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    • dud

      What has been shown throughout this media frenzy( the extremely left media) showing nothing but the extreme left reporting nothing but misinformation.
      It would not have mattered these individuals that are burning and looting, in Ferguson, would have done same thing if the verdict would have been different.
      Oh that is the verdict of the Grand Jury

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  • jman
    • Evan

      Jman, thanks for the link, but it proves the opposite of what the author of the article tried to prove. Johnson was a buddy of Brown, and the originator of much of what Brown’s supporters claim to be the truth, and which Breitbart considers false testimony (the opposite of “honest testimony”).

      So the rioters were trying to get at the guy who generated the story which led to the riot? Huh?!


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  • jman
  • hate

    BROWN GOT WHAT HE deserved!! Follow the law! You want to act like a thug then die like a thug!! X( X( so hey go trash local bussinesss you worthless pukes

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    • ivee

      And I bet your some old miserable white man. Dude there is no reason you should be so rude. You need to get what you diserve, a ass woopin. Mike brown did not deserve what happend to him, nobody does. But you my sirnarrngoing to have to answer to the king. GodBless

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