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Elderly beaten with his oxygen tank and run over with his car by protesters in Ferguson

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An elderly white man was run over after two black people stole his car in Ferguson during Monday night’s disturbances.

Protests against a grand jury decision not to charge Officer Darren Wilson over the death of Michael Brown have continued for a third night across the country although they have been a lot more muted than on either Monday or Tuesday.

In Ferguson, Missouri, the cold weather and snow resulted in a much smaller number of protesters outside the local police department.

Elsewhere people marched in cities including Los Angeles, Atlanta and Portland. In New York protesters marched along West 125th Street in Harlem.

Some arrests were made around the country to add to the 400 or so people arrested in protests since Monday’s verdict was announced.

Also on Wednesday, footage emerged showing an elderly man who was run over after two people stole his car in Ferguson during Monday’s disturbances.

The aftermath of the incident was captured by a St. Louis news crew and shows the chaotic scene in the parking lot of Faraci Pizza.

The victim is shown lying face down on the pavement with his oxygen tank beside him.

‘You need to take us live. Some gentlemen was in his car, he was on oxygen, they stole his car, left him on the ground. We’re standing here where he is,’ said reporter Robin Smith of KMOV-TV.

According to witnesses the man, who is dependent on oxygen, was attacked by two men as he returned to his vehicle to replace his almost empty tank.

The aftermath of the incident was captured by a St. Louis news crew and shows the chaotic scene in the parking lot of Faraci Pizza and the victim was shown lying face down on the pavement.

According to witnesses the man, who is dependent on oxygen, was attacked by two men as he returned to his vehicle to replaced his almost empty tank.

As the two men attempted to take his car, the man held on to his steering wheel and was run over as the thieves sped away.

‘Only in America do you see stuff like this,’ witness Jaye Perry, 52, told St Louis Post Dispatch.

Medics eventually arrived to the scene and transported the man to the hospital. His identity and condition are unknown.

On Wednesday night the cold weather and snow appeared to have had a significant impact on the number of protesters on the streets of Ferguson.

Hours after nightfall, a crowd of protesters lingered outside the Ferguson Police Department, shouting at National Guard troops as light snow fell. About 100 people marched through a major intersection and blocked traffic for several minutes.

Troops with rifles were posted at intersections and parking lots in a nearby area where stores were looted and burned Monday into Tuesday.

St. Louis County police are looking for an AR-15 rifle stolen from a police car that was set on fire Monday night during violent protests in Ferguson.

‘Rioters yanked out the high-powered police rifle and the rack in which it was stored,’ Sgt. Brian Schellman told KDSK-TV.

Earlier on Wednesday police arrested several people at a protest near St. Louis’ City Hall.

A third day of protests against a Missouri grand jury’s decision not to indict Darren Ferguson started in Harlem in New York City when a large group of protesters walked down West 125th Street.

In Los Angeles, more than 200 people gathered outside the federal courthouse in downtown Los Angeles during the afternoon.

Protesters formed a line, walking up and down the sidewalk in front of the courthouse, chanting: ‘No justice, no peace. No racist police.’

Later in the day more than 150 protesters were briefly boxed in by police before they were allowed to continue marching around downtown.

A short while later the cops made between 60 and 80 arrests after issuing an order for the crowd to disperse.

One by one, protesters were cuffed with zip ties and walked to a police bus waiting to take them to jail, reports the Los Angeles Times.

LAPD had previously arrested more than 183 people arrested on Tuesday night when protesters had managed to briefly shut down the 101 Freeway.

Protests in Oakland, California, also turned violent during the evening when some in a crowd of 150 protesters threw rocks, breaking windows at an Arco gas station and at the Weatherford BMW repair shop.

Just before 10 p.m., police declared an unlawful assembly and advanced on the crowd making a handful of arrests as further damage to businesses and other private property, reports San Francisco Chronicle.

In Atlanta dozens of protesters gathered in the city center to protest for a second night.

Demonstrators gathered by Underground Atlanta and held hands and it was much more peaceful than on Tuesday night when 24 people had been arrested.

Ten fans also marched through Atlanta’s Phillips Arena during a game between the Hawks and the Toronto Raptors before leaving the arena peacefully.

In Portland, Oregon, about 100 people marched through the streets of the city and one person was arrested.

The group chanted ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ as they marched through the streets while police largely held back.

‘The point is to be peaceful and get the message out without hurting anyone, without breaking our city or burning anything,’ Protest leader John told KOIN 6. ‘We just want our voices to be heard.’

In Chicago three people – two females and a male – were arrested during Ferguson-inspired protests, reports the Chicago Tribune.

According to other protesters, the three ‘were arrested as they peacefully stepped into the street at the intersection of Jackson and State with a banner calling for “Justice for Mike Brown!”’

More than 400 people have been arrested in the St. Louis suburb and around the United States in recent days.

The parents of Michael Brown and relatives of two other unarmed black men killed by police officers joined hands with the Rev. Al Sharpton on Wednesday and prayed for justice amid days of protests over a Missouri grand jury’s decision not to indict the officer who killed Brown.

Black Lives Matter, yet White Lives NEVER Mattered and probably never will, not even for fellow white people, let alone for blacks with a conscience. Since the Ferguson case there have been multiple black-on-white hideous racist attacks, yet no one ever protested… not even now when this poor old man was brutally attacked by an angry mob of black thugs.

The mourning families stood silently at the Harlem headquarters of Sharpton’s civil rights organization, the National Action Network, and allowed Sharpton to describe the common grief that suddenly thrust them together.

‘On this Thanksgiving eve, this is a very painful time for these families,’ Sharpton said. ‘As you see, they share each other’s pain and understand what we don’t understand.’

He said he hopes that, as the national spotlight is trained on these families, that people on both sides of the legal outcomes would remember that ‘these are real human beings and the value of the lives of their sons and husbands should not be minimized by anybody.’

The attorney for the Brown family, Benjamin Crump, said that they had watched Tuesday’s television interview with Darren Wilson, the officer who shot Brown and said his conscience is clean over the shooting.

‘They thought he had no regard for their child and that was hurtful to them,’ the attorney said.

The Missouri family was joined by the wife and mother of Eric Garner, a Staten Island man who died in a police chokehold in July after being confronted by officers for selling loose cigarettes. That case has been sent to a grand jury.

Kimberly Michelle Ballinger, the mother of Akai Gurley’s child, also attended. Gurley was shot to death by a rookie police officer in a dark Brooklyn high-rise hallway last week.

Sharpton said Ballinger had just returned from the morgue where she identified Gurley’s body.

Police Commissioner William Bratton said Gurley had been ‘a total innocent’ when he was shot. That shooting is under investigation.

The civil rights leader had traveled to Missouri, where he voiced his disappointment in the lack of charges against Wilson.

But in his prayer he said he hoped that the men will ‘not have died in vain, but that we all make sure that their deaths become beacons of a new way that we deal with law enforcement and community responsibility in this country.’

Ten people were arrested in New York on Tuesday during protests over the Missouri case that closed several bridges and snarled traffic on a busy travel day just two days before Thanksgiving.

Those protests, unlike some in Ferguson, have remained peaceful. Sharpton made clear that he does not condone violence but said it’s important to separate those looting and causing trouble from those demonstrating.


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