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Democratic Congressman Proposes Moat Around White House

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“Would a moat, water, six feet around, be kind of attractive and effective?”

Democratic Congressman Steve Cohen suggested building a moat around the White House Wednesday during a House Judiciary Committee meeting with the U.S. Secret Service.

Speaking with acting U.S. Secret Service Director Joseph Clancy on the agency’s recent scandals, Cohen suggested that a large body of water surrounding the White House could possibly keep out potential trespassers.

“Would a moat, water, six feet around, be kind of attractive and effective?” Cohen asked.

Seemingly stunned by the suggestion, Director Clancy instead suggested the possibility of a larger fence, arguing that the public’s accessibility to the White House has historic value.

“Sir, it may be. One of the things we balance is obviously the accessibility of the White House. We recognize the historic nature of the White House and how the American people should have access to the White House,” Clancy said. “So we are now in the process of working with our partners at the National Parks Services to see if we can do something with the fence.”

Ironically, a White House moat may be fitting given President Obama’s ruling mentality, a trait most recently noted by Republican Senator Ted Cruz.

“The elections were a referendum on amnesty, and the voters soundly rejected it. There was no ambiguity. Undeterred, President Obama appears to be going forward,” Cruz wrote in Politico. “It is lawless. It is unconstitutional. He is defiant and angry at the American people. If he acts by executive diktat, President Obama will not be acting as a president, he will be acting as a monarch.”

Despite the President’s dictatorial actions, fellow Democrats continue to stroke his ego, pushing for the further erosion of the legislative branch.

In just one example last February, Vice Chairperson of the Democratic National Committee Donna Brazile encouraged the President to “move forward” without Congress.

Armed with his pen and his phone, President Obama will undoubtedly use his short time left to push the boundaries on executive action.


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  1. John says:

    Why not Cinderella’s castle also as the Marxist thinks he is a monarch!

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