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David Cameron says UK will leave the EU if immigration policy doesn't change

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British Prime Minister David Cameron

British Prime Minister David Cameron says the United Kingdom will not remain in the European Union unless the European bloc makes certain policy shift.

Speaking at the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) in London, Cameron said the EU needs to “address people’s concerns, including concerns about immigration.”

He said, “Frankly, Britain’s future in Europe matters to our country and it isn’t working for us at the moment and that’s why we need to make changes.”

Cameron warned that his country cannot afford to remain in the 28-nation European bloc without a plan. “Simply standing here saying I will stay in Europe and stick with Europe come what may is not a strategy, is not a plan and that won’t work,” he noted.

The British government is under increasing pressure from the opposition and anti-EU parties to over its policies on the European Union.

Recently, Britain’s Eurosceptic right-wing political party, the UK Independence Party (UKIP), won its first ever elected seat in the British parliament as it gained support predominantly among Britons disaffected by mainstream party politics, particularly on closer integration with Europe and immigration.

The UKIP wants Britain’s exit from the European Union. It also plans to reduce the inflow of immigrants to the country. The Eurosceptic party has grown rapidly over the past decade, mostly by winning voters of the Conservative Party.


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3 Responses to " David Cameron says UK will leave the EU if immigration policy doesn't change "

  1. Angus says:

    Before the EU finishes with Europe it will have done more damage than any war, ever.

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    • Freja's Lover says:

      Don’t you worry about us. What we do in Europe will never come close to America’s perpetual world-wide wars and school, post office, church, shopping mall, and drive-by shooting frenzy.

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  2. Freja's Lover says:

    Immigration is out of control. I suppose that I am pleased that the UK is beginning to make a stand over the issue. We, in Sweden, have been screwed for a long time: a very high influx of immigrants yet we have no colonialist history to warrant “a guilty conscience”. Well, now that the Swedish SD party is going from strength to strength the writing must certainly be on the wall? France, Holland, Denmark, Sweden (perhaps?), and now the UK. What did we really think multiculturalism would achieve? Whose idea was that anyway? L-)

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