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Cleveland cop shoots 12-year-old boy carrying BB gun

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A 12-year-old boy who according to police was “armed” has been shot and seriously injured in the stomach in an “officer involved shooting” at a recreation center in Cleveland, Ohio. The boy’s weapon turned out to be an air gun “resembling” real pistol.

The shooting happened around 3:30 pm at Cudell Rec Center located at 1910 West Boulevard, after police responded to a distress call about a male allegedly threatening people near the center with a gun.

Police Patrolman’s Association president Jeff Follmer said “the 12-year-old had a weapon,” according to Newsnet5 Cleveland, and he allegedly refused officer commands and reached into his waistband before being shot by an officer “relatively new” on the force.

According to Cleveland police statement, upon arrival on scene, officers located the suspect and advised him to raise his hands.

“The suspect did not comply with the officers’ orders and reached to his waistband for the gun. Shots were fired and the suspect was struck in the torso,” the statement reads.

Upon further investigation, the boy’s “weapon” turned out to be an air gun “resembling a semi-automatic pistol, with the orange safety indicator removed,” the statement adds.

One officer somehow managed to receive an injury to his ankle and was transported to Fairview Hospital for treatment, police said.

The boy has been taken to MetroHealth Medical Center in critical condition while the facility has been taped off as police are investigating the incident.


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3 Responses to " Cleveland cop shoots 12-year-old boy carrying BB gun "

  1. Lori Ann says:

    Innocent people being killed on a regular basis here in America by the police. Even animals aren’t safe with these trigger happy cops. X(

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    • John says:

      Ignorance or Marxism rears it ugly head. I wonder how many miles Lori Ann has walked in a police officer’s shoes?!?

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      • Lori Ann says:

        None and I wouldn’t want to either. Look I know that all cops aren’t bad. But there are many who are these days and I truly for the life of me don’t understand why . I hate hearing stories about how a cop killed someone’s pet , or hurt their child by throwing a smoke bomb in on them, or shooting someone for no reason at all. Just like the black man at the gas station that just went to hand his drivers licenses to the cop. Your right I am ignorant, because I don’t understand it at all.

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