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Battle for control of US Senate

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US Senate floor

Americans will go to the polls on Tuesday to vote for their congressional representatives, both in the House of Representatives and in the Senate, their governors and their state representatives.

They will elect 435 members of the House of Representatives, 33 senators, 38 governors and 46 state legislatures.

The House of Representatives is already controlled by the Republicans and polls show it will stay that way.

Republicans need to pick up six more seats from Democrats in order to muster Senate majority. This will enable them to have control of both congressional chambers for the first time since 2006.

According to a forecast by the New York Times ,“The Republicans have a moderate edge, with about a 70% chance of gaining a majority.”

The Washington Post also reports that “Republicans are on the cusp of taking control of the Senate in Tuesday’s elections, with Democrats now dependent on their ability to navigate an increasingly narrow path to maintain their majority by the slimmest of margins.”

“In a campaign year marked by unending negativity and voter disgust toward Washington, strategists in both camps agree that Republicans are almost certain to pick up five of the six seats they need to regain control. They have many opportunities to grab an additional seat and, if things break decisively in their direction, could easily claim the majority. Democrats’ hopes of holding on largely depend on whether they can take one or two seats currently in Republican hands,” the Post says.

In the eyes of some critics, the monopolization of power by either of the two major parties has made the US a two party dictatorship.

American businessman and Libertarian politician, Gary Earl Johnson, says “The Republicans and Democrats have spent decades trading power back and forth between themselves, and in doing so, have managed to install a two-party duopoly that completely controls America’s political process. This duopoly runs everything from how candidates qualify to get on the ballot, to who is invited to the only debates aired on national television, to, yes, the special-interest money that fuels their billion-dollar campaigns.”

Writing for the Johns Hopkins News Letter, Agastya Mondal, says “The American two-party system is broken and in need of desperate reform. Through the Constitution, the Founders aimed to set up a system of representative government that would respond to the people. Unfortunately their vision has been corrupted by the rise of the two-party system. If we are to have a government that responds to its citizens, the two-party system must be abolished.”

American political activist Kevin Zeese says “The solutions to the critical issues facing the country (the US) are evident to many but the corporate interests who profit from the status quo prevent real change. The electoral system is closed to all but the corporate parties. To transform the government into one that puts the peoples interests before those of the economic elite, will require a showing of power. It will require an ongoing, independent movement that demands real change and has the power to insist on it … Are the people of the United States ready to face the reality of the corruption of US elections and the lack of representation and do something about it? History is knocking. The time is now to answer.”


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  1. freewill says:

    yup, the demicans and republicrats have stacked the deck and made it extremely hard to compete, no outsiders allowed.

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