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Anti-austerity rally held in France

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Demonstrators hold a banner that reads “No to the austerity, yes to the social Europe” during a rally in Paris on September 30, 2012.

Angry people have taken to the streets of French capital Paris in protest to the government’s economic policies, Press TV reports.

“Economic policies across Europe are clearly meant to serve high finance and to create tax breaks for businesses. But stock holders cannot create economic growth only consumers can. But where are the higher wages, jobs and public investments? We need to save our economy,” a protester told the Press TV correspondent in Paris.

According to data released on Friday by the EU’s Eurostat agency, France’s economic growth of 0.3 percent for the last quarter was barely enough to keep the country from a triple-dip recession.

“I don’t think it’s realistic to believe that there is a real opposition to austerity in parliament; that’s why we are working towards a nationwide general strike in January to hold the economy and show Hollande that the people demand an end to new liberal economics,” said another protester.

Hollande’s popularity rating stands at a historic low of 13 percent. The low approval rating is attributed to continuous rises in the unemployment rate and a halt in the country’s economic growth.

France, Europe’s second-biggest economy, is also grappling with political and economic crises, which are seen as the worst since Hollande took power in May 2012.

France’s austerity measures have put its citizens under more financial pressure than ever. Sales taxes and retirement taxes have been raised, while massive cuts to social services have forced households to dip into their own pocket to cover for the government’s absence.


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