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Thousands of Italians hold massive protests against immigration

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Saturday witnessed gigantic rallies in support of the Italian Northern Secessionist and anti-immigration party “Lega Nord”, as thousands took to the streets of Milan to call for an end to the African and Muslim conquest of their ancestral homeland.

A sea of Italians, with many being angered and disenchanted youth, chanted “Stop the Invasion”, and urged the masses of Italy to stand up in solidarity to end the treasonous policies of the European Union, which has pushed for unlimited immigration enrichment for quite some time now.

As was to be expected, an immediate counter-demonstration drew the usual communist imbeciles, national traitors and immigrants, who managed to make it through the entire day without doing any harm to anyone or to themselves for that matter.

However, instead of intimidating Italian patriots into silence, the Marxist gathering drew only contempt and mocking laughter from Lega Nord politicians and attendees, who outnumbered their enemies throughout the event.

Although the brainwashing media outside of Italy has avoided reporting the incident, RT (Russia Today), has provided excellent-quality video footage, complete with protester interviews conducted in the heat of action.

One should take the time to view this emotional breakthrough, while ignoring the downright Marxist talking points of the journalist, and observe real-life activism at work, which has drawn dozens of comments.

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3 Responses to " Thousands of Italians hold massive protests against immigration "

  1. F-EW says:

    It is refreshing to see that Italians can be infuriated for a “good cause” for once. Now …. if they can only succeed in tossing Berlusconi into prison then they’ll have achieved TWO good causes.

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  2. J says:

    Italians were always the best at defending themselves from Cushim and their crimes. They’ve had millenia of hard practice. Good for them.

    If only Sweden were as just and brave. It seems as if Sweden could even use a mafia of its own to protect the Swedish people and avenge Swedish women when the government won’t. It’s a shame that it’s come to that, but it just may have unless the Punisher or Rorschach wants to jump out of a comic book. Governments not fit to rule deserve exactly what they get.

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    • F-EW says:

      Perhaps you’re right.

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