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Risen 3 Titan Lords Revives Piranha Bytes, Gothic 4 Finally Coming Soon

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Risen 3: Titan Lords doesn’t actually compare to any of its flawless Gothic predecessors. German based company Piranha Bytes screwed up big time with Risen 2: Dark Waters, many bloggers and die-hard Risen and Gothic fans didn’t want to have anything with this crazy pirate theme adopted in Risen 2 but Piranha Bytes ignored everyone, they just thought that they’re gonna shove their entire tiny (but hardcore) fanbase and make a new one with Risen 2… a larger fanbase. Well that didn’t work out as expected. Lots of Piranha Bytes fans left in disgust when Risen 2 came out yet the developer failed to mesmerize new players into joining their new imaginary bigger fanbase. They thought what the heck since Pirates of the Caribbean works so damn well, what the heck, why not clone the whole thing into a game called Risen?

Phyrana Bytes should learn from JoWooD Entertainment’s ArcaniA which was nothing more than a stolen Gothic title. JoWooD Entertainment tried to simplify as much as possible and make the game as retard-friendly as possible. They even had a dumb setting where you chose between American and European. The American setting made the game more dumbed down for people with low-IQs. It also featured more handicapped unrealistic vibrant vivid colors like those found in Blizzard’s World of Warcraft while the European setting featured realistic muted colors. Arcania was a closed world, a linear game with not much to do in it except for following the strait road forward until finishing the game. Risen 2 and even Risen 3 to some extent tried to do that. However Risen 3 is an overall improvement of Risen 2 and a back to the basics and its more similar to Risen 1 rather than with Risen 2.

Gothic 4 Coming Soon

So anyway what makes us say that Gothic 4 is finally coming out? As of 2011, with the return of the Gothic rights to Piranha Bytes, ArcaniA has become an independent series, a spin-off from the original series.

As an independent game non-related with the Gothic series in any way, Arcania is not that bad but just the thought of being a descendant of Gothic, makes us puke. Piranha Bytes sold the right of the Gothic series to JoWooD Entertainment for a limited period of time which just expired in 2011.

When ArcaniA came out, its name was ‘ArcaniA Gothic 4’. In September 2014, Nordic Games dropped Gothic 4 from the game’s title, with no statement being offered so far of why this action has been done, but left fans speculating that it may be related with Piranha Bytes getting back the rights to the Gothic series. Also all references that connected ArcaniA with the Gothic series have been removed from the game’s description.

Piranha Bytes has stated that there are no plans for a Gothic game in the near future. They didn’t exactly said that the Gothic series officially ended that there will never be another Gothic sequel. Piranha Bytes is reportedly having a new game in development that has nothing to do with either Gothic or Risen. After this game is released and probably after Risen 4 as well, Gothic 4 will finally see the light but don’t get too happy about it. It will probably come out somewhere between 2018-2020. Even though we’re talking about years now, it should still be considered as “soon” considering that until recently there were no plans or even mentions about any future Gothic games. Basically all the ingredients are on the table for a Gothic 4 game. Piranha Bytes got its rights back, ArcaniA is no longer called Gothic 4 and PB devs said that there are no plans for a Gothic 4 in the “near future” but there may be plans in the distant future. Piranha Bytes will have to put a lot of work into Gothic 4 to correct all the harm JoWooD Entertainment did to the series with its ArcaniA Gothic 4 and ArcaniA Fall of Setarrif. Even with Arcania wiped out as a Gothic descendant and turned into an independent series and with everybody pretending it never came out or it never had anything to do with Gothic, we still have Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods which basically pooped on the entire storyline and on our nameless hero itself but who knows? Maybe we can pretend Gothic 3 Forsaken Gods never existed as well… so that Piranha Bytes can continue from where Gothic 3 left.

It shouldn’t be that hard to pretend Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods and both ArcaniAs never existed as well or anything else that came out after Gothic 3…

Gothic 4 can just start with our nameless hero waking up all wet and agitated and screaming “Ohhh my God! What a horrible f**ing nightmare! I thought I was never gonna wake up from that weird dream!” And there you have it! A perfect fix for the Gothic series! True Gothic fans would embrace the idea and welcome Gothic 4. Recently there has also been a lot of rumors and speculation that Piranha Bytes is planning to re-release Gothic 1 and Gothic 2 with modern HD graphics. Just like Croatian company Croteam did with its Serious Sam games, re-released its first 2 games in HD, 8 years after their initial releases, which are basically the exact same games, same maps, same missions, same sounds, everything left intact, but with better graphics. Now I don’t see any reason why Piranha Bytes shouldn’t do this. It would only be profitable and easy to accomplish.

Risen 3: Titan Lords Review

Basically the game starts with a strong pirate named….. yup! We don’t know his name… AGAIN! Anyway we do know that he has a smoking hot sister called Patty and his father’s name is Captain Steelbeard. So we start in an area called Crab Coast and we fight our way through the jungle until we reach a temple said to hold vast treasures. Truth is, there is no treasure there and Nameless + Patty were just scammed by some dumb idiot. Unfortunately in that area Nameless loses his soul, stolen from him by a Shadow Lord demon boss which is called “The Green Horns” among the NPCs.

So basically the whole game now revolves around finding his soul back, finding his sister and umm…. revenge!

For Patty first you would have to go to Tacarigua because that’s where Bones says she went, but once you are there, some guy on the beach near the tower tells you that she left for Kila island. By now you’re begining to think that you will have to run around like crazy before you actually find her but surprisingly… nope. She was actually on a beach on Kila Island on the small North Eastern island separated by water. Patty won’t join your team because there seems to be a 2-only pair unfortunately. Should you give up Bones? Not really because he has his nice healing spell with him and heals you all the time which is quite neat. Yet should you abandon your super hot sister Patty with her beautiful big melons? No way! So here’s what you can do. If you invite Patty to “Come on, let’s go!” and she doesn’t want to, tell Bones to “Wait here.” then ask Patty to join. She should agree and now you can also tell Bones to “Come on, let’s go!” For some reason this should work out and you should be able to have a trio party.

Before anything and everything, you should have some 4000 gold coins with you and go to Calador Island, meet the hunters in the North West forest where there’s a lonely house and learn everything from them, how to skin animals, take the claws, teeth, trophies, etc. otherwise you would be losing a lot of money on all the creatures you kill and leave behind without skinning them. To reach the hunters house safely with a lower level just use a parrot spell.

Now that you learned a useful trick, it’s time you learn your second useful trick, pickpocketing and lockpiking from thieves on the Island of Thieves or from Agila on Taranis Island for example.

The combat system in Risen 3 is still nowhere near as perfect as it was in Gothic 1 and Gothic 2 and probably we will never ever see a Piranha Bytes game with such a complex combat system such as the one found in Gothic 1 and 2 because these guys wanna make their games retard-friendly and it all started with Gothic 3 and continued with the Risen series, including the first. However with all that said in Gothic 2 the player had a choice between Gothic 1 style controls and combat system which was old-school and quite fun and interactive once you got used to it and you also had the choice for simplified controls where you did most of the things with a couple of left clicks, you know the dumbed down version for retards. We don’t blame them. We would do the same thing. We would also offer an option to choose between advanced controls and simplified controls in the game settings but what we wouldn’t do is to completely remove the complex controls and replace them with the simplified ones. At least the combat system in Risen 3 is a lot better than the one used in Risen 2 which could definitely go down in history as one of the most hideous combat systems ever used in a game.

Negative Aspects of Risen 3

In Risen 3, just like in Risen 2 as well, you spend too much time talking and you get way too little action. It was quite funny actually how even the Gnoo Kasim from Taranis Island, said: “No more bla bla. Homi, leave me alone.” At least they admit that there’s simply too much bla bla in this game. It even gets quite annoying after awhile. Is this an RPG action game or socializing-game with some little action here and there? Most of the time you will spend doing chit chat and fixing other people’s messes. All previous Gothic and Risen games were also about doing quests but this is too much! There’s simply too much bla bla in this game and too little action. Just a few scattered monsters here and there…

And by the way… since we’re talking about action, unfortunately Risen 3 was simply too easy even on Hard difficulty despite some noobs complaining that it was too hard. Some noobs who are simply unfamiliar with Piranha Bytes games, found even the scavenger too hard to beat on easy difficulty but then again, we all know that the American gaming community is extremely different from the European gaming community. Europeans tend to prefer more realistic, difficult, complex and intelligent games while the American typical gamer goes for easy, simplistic and linear games.

There’s also a problem with the sounds in this game. Almost all animals do the same noises, scavengers, goblins, spiders, almost every damn animal in this game makes the same stupid roar sounds. The lack of variety of sounds is not a good thing at all, it completely ruins the in-game felling and the sensation while playing, making you feel as if you are not really part of those islands, while Gothic on the other hand was flawless in this area.

You get the important stuff when its too late! For example, you get the “Shackles” which is a collectible item that gives you +10% glory points only on Fog Island which is a damn DLC that came out AFTER the game. Most people are likely to visit the Fog Island at the end of the game so therefore making this item pretty much useless unless you know about it, in advance from sources like this article for example. And that’s not all! There’s even a more dumber thing. As a Demon Hunter, you learn the Shadow Eater skill only on Skull Island (the final island you visit) just before the game ends :)) You get the skill for what purpose exactly?? You’ve already slained all the shadows everywhere, the game is about to end, there’s no use for it anymore. And on top of that, even though the skill is Demon Hunter exclusive, you learn it from a damn freaking random Guardian named Neron!! You didn’t even learn the skill from Rodas, a mage that explicitly sends you to do a quest for him on Skull Island, to collect Shadow meat for him so he can learn how to consume Shadow meat in collaboration with some random racist evil black native called Kidlat who makes one want to puke when listening to what he has to say about “Guchos” (whites). Nope, you get the skill from a random guardian! Isn’t this completely retarded? Anyway in conclusion, by the time you learn Shadow Meat consumption skill, its already useless as you’re just minutes away from actually finishing the game. The skill is not bad at all but its availability is really retarded.

Risen 3 also suffers from a bizarre turn-based attack behavior that plagues all the NPCs. If you are surrounded by 100 enemies, only one of them will attack you, while the others are just watching. As soon as you slay an enemy, another one attacks you, and then another and so on, making the game too easy for experienced gamers. Also if a Shadow Guarian for example attacks your companion and you get in front of your companion while they are fighting, you get no damage even though their axes and swords swing right through you. This was not the case in Gothic games.

As a big thumbs up, it was really cool that on Calador (the other side of the lave river) Steelbeard’s Nameless son meets “The Nameless One” from Risen 1 and Risen 2! That was soooo awesome! Finally something creative in this game. For some weird reason the Nameless hero of Risen 1 and 2 had its voice played by a different actor in Risen 3. Financial issues with the original actor or what? Anyway what was even more promising, the Nameless hero from Risen 1 and 2 said that maybe they will meet again in the future, a declaration which makes us think about 2 things:
1 – Risen 4 will definitely come some day
2 – Maybe we will finally get a Multilayer co-op Risen game which should be incredibly fun to play

What Piranha Bytes could have done to make Risen 3 Titan Lords a better game

They should allow you to change the outfits/armors of your partners. Bones for example looks really dumb with his clothes! Patty looks really sexy but vulnerable. She only had clothes, no metal armor plates on her, nothing! How does she protect from swords and other monster attacks? It would have been really cool to allow us to change the equipment of our companions, including their swords. Making them better or worse…

While the other ones in your crew are already members of other factions such as Horas being a Guardian, Edward being a Demon Hunter, Saddec a pirate, Mendoza well… an Inquision ghost and Jaffar a Gnoo from the Isle of Thieves DLC, it should have been MANDATORY for Patty to join the same faction that YOU, her brother joins! So if you joined the Voodoo Pirates then she should join the Voodoo Pirates, if you join the Guardians, she should join the Guardians, if you join the Demon Hunters, she should join the Demon Hunters as well! After all, didn’t she said on Kila that from now on she will always follow you? It was a smart thing to do to make Edward join the Demon Hunters, but Patty, your own sister should have joined your faction as well.

It would have been cool to gain your own house as a gift from the faction you’ve joined. A house that you could sell if you wanted to so that you can live on your ship instead but the thought of having your own hut. Damn…. that just reminds me of Gothic 1, the best Piranha Bytes game ever made.

It was really incredibly well thought for the NPCs following you and sometimes get into conversations making it more realistic as if they were really there, however unfortunately their involvements weren’t really enough even though the amount of bla bla was more than enough in this game. They should have got into conversations more often, just for the fun.

To make it even more realistic and more cool, static NPCs (like those on farms, towns, etc) should be like WOW, WTF, wondering why are Shadows following you. You could explain to them that these Shadows are spawned by you and are under your command. Some should even be afraid while other should attack your spawns. Really fun if they did that. However they should do this just once, just on the first encounter, by the second encounter they should get used to it and just ignore your Shadow minion spawns.

There are 2 romance options in this game. One with Mira on Calador, an ugly farm girl and the other with Circe a sweet and beautiful “oppressed” girl from Fog Island. Unfortunately though both these romances are just one-time only and you have to be really evil in order to get any of them. In order to get Mira to sleep with you, you have to act like a malefic demon and falsely incriminate Nikodim to Ernesto, accuse him that he stole the Lucky Family Candle Holder when in fact it was the goblins. If you lie to Ernesto, Mira will reward you making having sex with you one-time only. She was a nasty evil bitch who wanted to take the farm to herself.

And the other, Circe turns out that she’s infact a demon Soul Eater monster who tricked you. The only way to have sex with Circe is to murder 2 innocent men who are supposedly fighting over Circe. When in fact it was Circe who played with their minds and they were just innocent victims. Again you have to be a crazed evil demon yourself in order to have sex with Circe. Why did both romance options had to be evil? Ok both were fine to be in the game BUT a third and maybe even a fourth option should have been there for a serious relationship just for fun. All optional of course, non-story altering. If you wanted to have an in-game girlfriend ok, if not also ok, everything else could remain the same, just as a secondary-quest so to speak. Maybe even making 2 girlfriends at once on different islands, and then they accidentally meet and find about it and fight over you, or maybe they accept their each-other or something. Man that would have been really entertaining to see since they already brought romance into Risen 3. And since we’re at it, some flirting and even sex with Patty would have been cool as well since she’s the most beautiful girl in the entire game. Yeah, yeah, we know she was his sister but who cares? It’s just a game anyway, not reality! You don’t do things like this in reality just as much as you don’t do any killings and thievery or even hunting and skinning for that matter in reality. Plus you have a name in reality and you don’t get to save the world from demon Shadows in reality, so yes, Patty would do just fine no matter who she was supposed to be for the Nameless. And since we’re at killing, too bad they decided to continue with Risen 2’s unconscious only status after attacking NPCs. In all Gothic games and Rinse 1, when you attack someone, first you leave him/her unconscious, then you have the option to finish him/her off for good. That was really nice, why did they had to remove that!?!? There are a few NPCs including teachers that should have never been there to begin with, like Mud for example! Damn he was really annoying but at least not as annoying as Mud from Gothic 1.

For some bizare reason, Piranha Bytes continues with their male exclusive worlds for no reason whatsoever. Not only is it boring to speak only with males but it’s incredibly stupid as well. Why? Well what the hell is this? Gay’s paradise world? And not to mention that due to the war with the Shadows or better said, the Shadow extermination of humanity, there should have been lesser and lesser men as close as zero since they were the one who fought the Shadows and with countless widow and single women. If anything, this should be a women’s world with all of them being like “Ohhh our hero! You’re fighting to save us all! Bla bla bla!”

A much more epic fight with Nekroloth. With everything maxed to 105 (all the hero’s characteristics) + all skills available + the best armor and the best sword which is the Bone Crusher transformed into Captain’s Sabre, the evil titan lord Nekroloth stands no chance against you as if you’re the world’s best fighter ever. The solution? Simple! Instead of giving Nekroloth huge damage that would take all your life with one swing, they could make the fight really long and difficult by taking a lot of time to finally kill him due to low amounts of damage one can inflict to him.

And the last improvement they could have done to Risen 3, is the ending itself. Why in the world did they go for 2 endings? What’s the purpose? As long as there’s no plan to actually END the Risen series FOREVER, then never go for 2 completely different endings. Slightly different and irrelevant endings, YES, totally different, NEVER! Which ending will they pick for Risen 4? The one that you get your soul back and you get a nice warm hug from Patty or the one that turns you into a Shadow minion and your soul watches over your body from afar? No mater which one they take for Risen 4, it is still dumb when you think about it. You can be like: Hey! Why the fu*k am I fighting for my soul again?!?!? I just got it back in Risen 3, or Hey! Why am I a human? I should be an evil Shadow minion because that what I did in Risen 3. Or maybe they want to give up on this nameless hero and change him back with another nameless hero or with the Risen 1 and 2 nameless hero!? Whatever they choose to do Risen 3 still shouldn’t have ended that way.

The Shackles are one of the best legendary items. Thanks to the bonus to the glory points you can develop your character faster so, it is best to obtain this one as early into the game as possible. You find it on Fog Island in the abandoned fishing town.

Try to learn the art of thievery as soon as possible because you can miss lots of chests that you would later have to return to. You can get your lockpick from Taranis for example. You will only need one because its unbreakable. Learn these skills ASAP!

Avoid slaying too many beasts and try to learn hunting as soon as possible. This will help you gather lots of claws, teeth, skins, etc. Stuff that you could sell and get lots of gold for them. Some you may want to keep and later use as potion ingredients. If you kill too many beasts, you will miss all their stuff that you can get from them. You will also find a hunter on Taranis as well as another hunter on Calador near the ruins. Both can teach you the art of hunting and how to skin animals. Learn these skills ASAP!

Learn Haggler, it will save you a lot of gold when buying stuff from sellers.

Beatup everybody in game. And I do mean EVERYBODY! You can get Glory (XP) for doing so and on top of that you can also pocket whatever they have on them. They will only be “Offended” for a couple of seconds and then paw! You’re friends again like nothing ever happened. Always loot all corpses and unconscious people!

Do NOT consume the flowers that give you permanent melee, toughness, magic, etc. Use them in potions. The flower itself gives you only +2, the potions give you +5.

Before actually joining any group, try and do all quests first, the Adventurer garb DLC should suffice for any in-game enemy. Not that expensive and plus you get it on Tacarigua or something at the beginning of the game, so get it.

Never allow other NPCs with the exception of those who are in your group to take the final blow on wild beasts because they will steal your Glory (XP). Make sure that you are the one who gives the final blow in these situations.

Maintain your Humanity at ~80 (nothing higher than that) but not lower than 70. Why? If you get too high, Mendoza will consider you a useless moron and leave your group forever. Get lower than that and Edward and Jaffar the useful cute Gnoo that will supply you Gold throughout the game by stealing from others, will consider you an evil nasty bastard and leave you as well. So don’t get too evil but not too good either. You can get your Soul down by eating black hearts when you have to and get it up by simply asking Edward to convert soul dust to humanity. Never sell soul dust to Mendoza because you will always need it for Edward when you want to balance your humanity.

Overall Risen 3 is still a handicapped game when compared to Risen 1 or the Gothic series but at least its a lot better than Risen 2. Basically what they did with Risen 3, they thrashed it, watered it down so that imbeciles can play it too but guess what. It’s still not enough, imbeciles still think it’s too hard for them so I guess they would have to make some sort self-playing games (like those games full of endless guides these days: push this button and now this and that and you’re done, The End!) in order to make those people happy but what about us, the experienced games? Doesn’t it matter if we are happy or not?

+Better than Risen 2+Fun to play
+Good story
+A various range of monsters
+Teaming up with others
+Open world and quite big
+No time pressing, you can fool around as much as you like no matter what NPCs tell you about hurrying up

-Worse than Risen 1
-Almost zero feeling
-Retard-friendly controls
-Retarded combat-system
-Retarded camera that gets into a locking point when you jump off a cliff or something
-Graphics are quite weak for 2014
-No 3 party possibility (having 2 friends join you) except for Kila when you get both Bones and Patty because of a useful good bug
-If you don’t know about it in advance from someone or somewhere you would basically learn about hunting and theft when you finish the game, missing all the beautiful trophies and passing by dozens if not even hundreds of lock chests which is also extremely retarded
-Sellers and shops are very very very dumb and retarded! Swords? With Risen 3 it’s goodbye loads of swords from shops or from people who you beatup and leave unconscious
-Murder? Not a possibility with Risen 3 anymore, you can just leave bastards unconscious but you can’t kill them anymore
-Even a damn pickaxe is hard to get in this game and you would miss dozens of ores before you actually get your hands on a pickaxe
-Your training is all about the money now and not the XP, the more money you have the more things you can learn, but its quite hard to get your hands on money in this game
-Kind of linear, due to lack of soul you are practically obligated to do good or you lose all your soul. Even though in conversations you still have a choice, you can’t choose to be bad because of the soul thing, which sucks, really bad

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