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Mexican police shuts down drug cartels' firearms manufacturing units

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A joint operation between US special forces and the Mexican Federal Police has resulted in the discovery of two firearms manufacturing units in the Mexican city of Guadalajara.

Drug traffickers and the mafia in the state of Jalisco had succeeded in manufacturing over 100 AR-15 assault rifles using high-tech equipment and parts imported from the United States.

Eighteen functioning rifles were seized and four men were arrested in raids in two separate industrial areas of the city.

The manufactured firearms are believed to have been sent to Michoacan. Oscar Gonzalez, a community leader in the Villa Guerrero neighbourhood played an important role in the discovery.

The fact that the drug cartels in Guadalajara have the necessary tools to manufacture their own firearms has worried the local authorities.

The police managed to shut down two units but they say they cannot rest, as the war on drugs is now more complicated than ever.


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