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Jim Carrey Dressed As Baphomet "I'm A Senior Member Of The Illuminati"

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Mark Dice brings us this video and it looks like the satanists are at it again. This time it’s Jim Carrey center stage, dressed as Baphomet himself and making a big joke of it.

What was he making something like 20 million a movie. With that kind of money the evil ones got their hooks into him. He works for them now. Jim Carrey does another skit called secret billionaire, in which he announces he is a member of the illuminati. Sure he is.

Maybe he sold his soul to the devil like many other famous celebrities have? I wouldn’t be surprised at all.

I’m tired of seeing this evil nonchalantly being pushed upon the American people like it’s all fun and games, all while we sit down for a little entertainment, they bombard us with satanic images and references. Take Rihanna for example, the illuminati princess all dressed up nice with her devil horns on. Often times she’s flashing the sign of horns and she even acts out being possessed by the devil in a music video.

Madonna is another one, the whore of Babylon. Pulling her evil satanic stunt during the superbowl, a satanic ritual.

Katie Perry has already admitted she sold her soul to the devil. Boycott these people. Do not allow your children to finance them by buying their music or movies.

Let these illuminati slaves sink straight to hell where they belong. They’re not the only ones either, there is a long list of them.


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