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iPhone 6 released, is it any good? Nope it Bends!

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This is Apple like we’ve never seen before. Apple like we never thought we’ll see. To begin with, there’s supposed to be no better iPhone than the iPhone 6. That’s the sort of thing you’d expect of Apple. Come September every year, the world grabs a bag of popcorn and gets ready to watch Apple’s bestest iPhone yet come on stage in all its glory.

Things actually started off nicely with the announcement of the long overdue screen size bump, and we didn’t get a cheaper option this time, we were treated to possibly a bigger, better iPhone to go with the best iPhone to date. How Apple… it takes another iPhone to beat the iPhone.

It felt though like they’re telling the audience, you don’t have to go to the competition to do better. We never thought we’d see Apple do that or imply that. We missed the usual arrogance if you will. The kind that preached that screens bigger than 4″ are a nonsense not that long ago. The kind that insists on the “retina resolution” while the competition is at QHD.

Rounded corners? 8MP camera? NFC? This must be year 2012. Apple’s not about cutting-edge hardware, but content and user experience. We’ve heard enough of that. And hey, it’s a valid strategy. But this year even the most loyal iPhone users among us have a feeling they’re being fed a feature a year with Apple withholding significant upgrades that would make the iPhone technologically superior, or equal to the flagships of the competition.

If it wasn’t for the different looks, we’d say all we got this September is another incremental upgrade, an iPhone 5ss, if you will. And the looks, the phone looks gorgeous but once we picked it up, the slippery curves made us miss the sharp machined chamfered edges. Gone is the premium glass material on the back, replaced by cheap looking antenna strips that can’t seem to decide whether they belong to the back or the sides. Oh, and the protruding camera lens, bumper cases will be in high demand again it seems.

Will it blend? That is the question…

The answer is YES it blends but then again everything else blends in those pesky Blendtec blenders.

Joke aside, will it BEND? That is the real question! Unfortunately yes, the iPhone 6 bends, especially the iPhone 6 Plus, but wait this is not some new cool feature implemented by Apple, it’s a factory flaw that will ruin your phone. All you need to do in order to destroy your new $1200 phone is just to have it in your pocket. Apple as usual, didn’t respond to these accusations and ignored everyone after they gladly took their money for a flawed phone.

Ok let’s say we understand…… this is Apple’s first phablet phone and they didn’t had any experience with them but at least they can publicly admit the defect and offer a substantial discount for the current flawed lot, then the next batch of iPhones should of course have the issues fixed and be sold at full price. At least that’s what a respected company should do.

Then again we can’t accept this as “first phablet, first mistake” for Apple because Samsung is developing Notes for quite some time now. They’ve reached their 4th Note phone and never did they had such an issue (bending), not even their first phablet Samsung Galaxy Note 1 (N7000) which was released in 2011.

As for the phone’s hardware specifications, here’s a list of key features and main disadvantages.

Key features:
Metal unibody, 6.9mm slim, 129g of weight
LTE connectivity (Cat. 4, 150Mbps downlink)
4.7″ 1,334 x 750px LED-backlit IPS LCD of 326ppi
Apple iOS 8
Dual-core 1.4 GHz Apple A8 chipset, M8 motion co-processor, PowerVR GX6450 GPU, 1GB of RAM
8MP F/2.2 camera with True tone LED flash, phase detection auto focus, 1080p@30fps and @60fps video recording, 720p video recording @120fps and 240fps, 1.2MP F/2.2 front-facing camera with BSI sensor and HDR mode.
Comes in 16, 64, and 128GB of built-in storage
Touch ID fingerprint sensor built into the Home button
New Barometer sensor for tracking elevation
1,810mAh battery

Main disadvantages:
Has unimpressive screen to body ratio (the Nexus 5 fits a 5-inch screen in this size of a body)
No microSD slot
Pricey memory upgrades, 32GB version should be standard for such an expensive phone
No user-replaceable battery
Protruding camera lens makes the phone wobble if you don’t have a case on
Camera is still merely 8MP four years in a row (granted, it’s getting better every with every new generation)
No 4K video and video sound is still mono
Lacks the optical image stabilization of the iPhone 6 Plus
No enhanced resistance to liquids or dust
NFC functionality limited to Apple Pay
Rather pricey for a flagship (without carrier subsidies) that misses some of the extras of the competition, such as stereo speakers, wireless charging, an infrared port, or FM radio
It can bend

Overall the phone is somewhat ok if you can get over the bending issue, its huge price and lack of real hardware upgrades except for its screensize.

+Finally a bigger screen

-It bends
-Huge price
-No real hardware upgrades
-It still spies on you and gives the data to NSA, including your fingerprint and iris…

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