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Hundreds of thousands rally in France against surrogacy for same-sex families

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Over 500,000 opponents of same-sex marriage have flooded the streets of Paris and Bordeaux to protest against medically-assisted reproduction for gay couples, rally organizers said. A previous protest for “traditional family values” gathered 100,000.

Streets of Paris and Bordeaux have been smothered in pink, blue and white as scores of demonstrators have been waving flags of the “Manif pour Tous” (Protest for Everyone) group that organized the two rallies.

The group said that “at least 500,000 attended the demonstration” in Paris alone. This is five times higher than the previous rally for “family values” back in February.

In Bordeaux, at least 7,500 people attended the rally, police said. However, organizers estimated that no fewer than 30,000 activists came.

Manif pour Tous expected a higher turnout, as a petition calling for a mandatory ban on surrogacy by French citizens had been signed by 200,000 people by Sunday morning, four days after it was put online, according to local Libération newspaper.

Generally opposing same-sex relations, the group’s Sunday march was to protest surrogacy and medically-assisted reproduction (ART) for gay couples.

“Because the exploitation of women is intolerable; because the child is not an object; because all children need a father and a mother,” the group’s announcement said as it called for people to come out and support “traditional family values.”

The group said it has been out on the streets of France “for two years with the same message” and it “continues on October 5.”

The call has been supported by tens of thousands of people in both Paris and Bordeaux, where the rallies started an hour apart – at 1pm and 2pm respectively.

In Paris the demonstrators gathered at Porte Dauphine and marched to Montparnasse, which are about 7km apart.

The president of Manif pour Tous, Ludovine de la Rochere, said that “traditional family values” must be “fought for at all costs.”

According to an exclusive research by Ifop poll for the local Atlantico website, 31 percent of French people support the “values and ideas” of Manif pour Tous.

Speaking to Catholic daily La Croix on Friday, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls assured anti-LGBT supporters that surrogacy “is and will remain banned in France.”

In September, the highest French appeals court ruled that lesbian couples in France may adopt children born via assisted reproductive technology (ART).

But while homosexual couples in France are allowed to adopt, they are barred from using in vitro fertilization.

President Francois Hollande signed the controversial marriage bill into law in May last year, making France the 14th country in the world to allow gay marriage.

The legislation was opposed by many people in France, although opinion polls at the time showed that 55-60 percent of French people supported gay marriage.


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  • F-EW

    I am fairly liberal myself, and although same sex marriage seems OK to me, I must share French protesters when it comes to medically-assisted reproduction for gay couples.

    We talk a lot about fathers who lose contact with their children after the divorce, and we often criticize them strongly for not providing the paternal support that every child needs. So …. what’s with this “no father” or “no mother” madness? At least give children a chance for God’s sake!

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  • Clair

    I heard some information concerning Ukraine. People say it’s great for surrogacy. In addition those ones who need donor eggs in order to get pregnant Ukraine is the best choice as well. In one article I read Ukraine is one the biggest suppliers of donor eggs for the IVF procedures in countries where it’s allowed. BioTexCom clinic is the one of the most popular among foreigners. I want to say it’s ok that some countries ban and others allow assisted reproductive technologies. Infertile even don’t boil over the fact European countries ban such procedures. They agree to go to states where it’s allowed and legally conducted. But officials!!! Stop to prevent these happy as a bastard on Father’s Day receive their long-awaited happiness. They want to live in their homeland together with their child and they wish he has nationally of the country where he lives! And they agree to receive needed appropriate treatment in foreign country. The only thing they need is the local government to accept children born abroad by surrogate mothers. I have seen one TV story and I 100% agree with the statements announced in it. In particular, quotations further: “In two very important rulings, issued on 26/06/2014, (concerning the cases ‘Mennesson versus France’ and ‘Labassée versus France’), the European Court of Human Rights explicitly recognized that a state is entitled to prohibit surrogacy on its own soil. But the court also recognized that the prohibition of surrogacy could not be made at the expense of children legally born to surrogate mothers in a foreign country. It is for this reason alone that the court ruled against France”. In this article can be seen that European Court of Human Rights confirms that child born abroad by surrogate mother must be recognized by state officials and given nationality! See this and get to know what I am talking about!

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