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German citizens encouraged to move immigrants into their homes

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A German politician has called for a new law to be put in place which would allow German citizens to give immigrants free lodging in their own homes, rather than the German government building new homes.

Martin Patzelt, a lawmaker and member of the Christian Democratic Union, said moving immigrants (claiming to be refugees) into private homes, would mean immigrants cost the state less money, with the German government only having to pay the immigrant’s cost of living and healthcare.

“In times of crisis, we have to stay together and accept that the problem of the refugees is a common one,” Patzelt said.

“I am receiving more and more letters from people offering to host refugees, and a poll by RTL television showed that 30 percent of people, particularly younger generations, want to help,”

Hans ten Feld a representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) supports Patzelt’s plan.

“The responsibility to accommodate these refugees ultimately lies with the German government, but citizens also taking them into their homes would be a positive signal from civil society,” ten Feld said.

Germany is the preferred destination of immigrants who claim to be refugees, with 65,700 asylum claims in the first half of 2014, and France was the second preferred destination.

However Germany and France took in fewer refugees that Sweden, which has taken 21.3% of all “refugees” in Europe.

This may get made law in Germany, but there are very, very, few Germans who would actually move a complete stranger into their own homes.

The massive influx of non-European immigrants into European countries is gradually turning European natives into minorities into their own countries. They are unaware of the United Nations genocide laws which criminalizes any action or policy which deliberately causes “harm or destruction” of a group “in whole or in part”.

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3 Responses to " German citizens encouraged to move immigrants into their homes "

  1. Skreamer says:

    We did this in Australia! Now we suffer and pay the price!
    Wogs suck!
    They well ruin everything good about your culture!
    We Caucasian people make a place great!…Then the wogs come because they cant make a place great!..they just suck off our goodness until theres nothing left except dirty streets, garbage, rape, theft, poverty and violence! This is exactly why your Govt is letting them in! They also cant open there mouth without lies coming out!
    If your Govt is fucking you over…then its time to fuck them back!!!
    Wheres Hitler when you need him!

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  2. F-EW says:

    I smell big trouble. This will give the naïve another excuse to claim that Germans are racists if they don’t offer their “spare room”. Why not make it illegal to walk past a beggar, without contributing some spare change too? If government allows large numbers of immigrants (claiming to be refugees) into the country then who the hell does it think it is shoving the responsibility onto the average citizen who probably doesn’t want so many immigrants living in their community anyway?

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  3. Røb says:

    Hahahahaha smile) only place they would get to live in my home is in a locked cellar ! Foolish politicians, sit on their ass all day, do not move a single finger, giving promises just to get votes for their campaigns and daring to give us orders!

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