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Ex-US Attorney General slams Israel's crimes against Palestinians

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Former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark has roundly condemned the atrocities carried out by Israel against the Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip.

Clark made the remarks during a gathering organized by Tunisia’s Center for Strategic Studies for North Africa.

The gathering was attended by international lawyers, politicians and activists, Press TV reported Wednesday.

“Now we have seen this incredible assault on Gaza,” Clark said, adding that Israel’s military campaign on the territory killed the Palestinians while “ignoring every value of every civilized people in history.”

“The children lives are worthless. Five hundred children dead for no reason,” he noted.

Israel launched a fifty-day all-out war on the Gaza Strip in July. The war left at least 2,100 Palestinians, including more than 490 children, dead and thousands of others displaced.

Almost all the infrastructures serving the Gaza population, including the only school for physically disabled children, were destroyed in the war.

The delegation in Tunisia stressed the need for unity between all political actors in the occupied territories.

Many foreign MPs also declared support for an independent and sovereign Palestinian state.

“On October 13, the British Parliament is going to be discussing a motion of recognition of Palestinian state which of course I will strongly support,” said British MP Jeremy Corbyn.


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