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Diversity losing support among white people as they become minority

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Psychologists at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) have concluded a study to see if White people have differing views on “diversity” as we become a minority.

Professor Yuen Huo and doctoral student Felix Danbold from UCLA gathered 98 White people around the US, split them into two groups, and told the groups one of two statements.

The first statement was based on Census predictions: “One group was told that Whites will no longer be the majority in the US by 2050,” wrote Stuart Wolpert wrote on Phys.org.

“The second group was told that Whites would retain their majority status in the US through at least 2050. All participants were then asked a series of questions about their views on diversity.”

Wolpert said that the White people who participated in the study became less supportive of anti-White policies when they were told they would become a minority.

Danbold said “Most Americans view diversity in positive terms, but many white Americans who see the actual demographic projections, and the loss of their majority status, end up being less enthusiastic about it.”

Huo agreed as well “Whites feel lukewarm about diversity when they are told that they are about to lose their majority status in the United States for the first time,”

Many White people are now realizing that they have basically been thrown under the bus by our own leaders.

Some may call this treason… but this actually goes beyond treason and into the realm of genocide. That’s because White “leaders” are chasing down White communities all over the planet and forcing them to “diversify” (become less White).

The point of these policies is to force us to assimilate when the majority of us don’t want to.

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One Response to " Diversity losing support among white people as they become minority "

  1. The deranged and evil former Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair who was responsible for destabilising Iraq and the current ISIL crisis under the pretext that we were threatened with mass destruction apparently also stated that he wanted to “rub our noses in diversity” i.e to arrange slow genocide for the whites of Britain. when one consider show protected we once were by a wonderful sea moat( with a “moat against the envy of less happier lands” Shakespeare, his crime is all the more calculating. Ed Milliband’s Jewish father was also a Marxist who hated the Britain which gave him refuge. So Milliband cannot be true to us native Britons.
    This is part of the Marxist international plan to destroy the independent nation states of the world by race mixing so that “we” no longer exist or become a voting minority in our own land,. The Irish EU Commissioner Peter Sutherland has also stated that he wants to destroy the homogeneity of the european nations.

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