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Calling Russia 'threat to humanity' puts Obama's sanity in doubt - Medvedev

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The Russian PM has suggested that Obama’s charges against Russia were caused by a “brain aberration” and added that such rhetoric saddened him.

“I am very upset by the fact that President Obama, while speaking from the United Nations’ podium and listing the threats and challenges humanity is currently facing, put Ebola in first place, the Russian Federation second and the Islamic State organization was only in the third place. I don’t even want to comment on this, this is some sort of aberration in the brain,” Dmitry Medvedev said in an interview with CNBC television.

The top Russian official stressed that his country was not isolating itself from the rest of the world, but sought mutually beneficial cooperation with foreign nations. “We want to communicate with all civilized peoples on friendly grounds. Of course, this includes our partners from the United States of America, but for this the situation must be leveled,” Medvedev said.

However, the Russian PM also noted that the Western sanctions have inflicted considerable damage to Russia’s cooperation with the US, and without cancellation of this policy there can be no return to partnership.

“Let us be frank, it was not us who invented these sanctions, they were invented by our partners in the international community. As our saying goes, let God be their judge. Without any doubt we can survive these sanctions, I am sure that sometime later the sanctions will evaporate, simply cease to exist. But there is no doubt that they have dealt some damage to our relations.”

Medvedev ruled out the possibility of an immediate reset in relations between Russia and the West, adding that he expected the process to composed of at least two stages.

“What sort of reset can be there under such conditions? We must first distance from this all and return to a normal position, at least to the starting position and only then we can start elaborating on the development of relations in the future,” he said.

The Russian PM also stressed that Russia can and will find new partners for routine trade and normal investment projects.


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4 Responses to " Calling Russia 'threat to humanity' puts Obama's sanity in doubt - Medvedev "

  1. F-EW says:

    NOTHING coming out of the U.S. is void of pro-American propaganda and disinformation. Now, if we could convince the media to stop HEADLINING it then the world would have a fair chance of living in peace.

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  2. Defiant says:

    I thought it cant be worse than bush jr, boy was I wrong.
    US govt officially entered the troll category unfortunately they are armed with nukes and supporting genocidal terrorists and crime cartels world wide.





    Can you see a pattern?

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    • F-EW says:

      Insulting another nation or its leaders is not the job of a diplomat, and it will only make enemies. Hasn’t Obama learned anything from the mistakes from all the other presidents in their history? :o

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  3. Leech says:

    Obama’s refusal to ban travel from Ebola hot zones is strong evidence of mental incompetence.

    No sane person would invite Ebola victims into his country when the disease is so incredibly contagious that even hazardous material suits offer inadequate protection.

    Medvedev is saying what every American already discovered – Obama is not behaving in a sane manner – unless his plan is to depopulate America, perhaps the entire world, with a biological weapon of mass destruction.

    Obama collaborators will propagandize and say that more people die of bee stings than of Ebola, but that is true only for the beginning of an epidemic. In later stages, the death rate rises geometrically from Ebola, but not from bee stings. With over 100 people a day arriving from Ebola hot zones, it will not take very long to have a raging epidemic in America.

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