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America to lose almost all its white population by 2060 - Study

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USAToday has put out a new article which maps the “Diversity Index” of the various States in America, from 1960 to 2010, with what they are predicted to become by 2060.

“This is just the beginning. Barring catastrophe or a door-slam on immigration…” the USAToday reporter wrote, “For the first time, non-Hispanic White students are in the minority…”

“We should be really happy that we have this large minority growth in the United States,” said a demographer from the Brookings Institution. Why should whites be “happy” with their own replacement in America, remains a mystery though…

William Frey, author of the unreleased book: “Diversity Explosion” said “This is everybody’s business to make sure we have a productive multi-ethnic population in the United States,”

“And we should be so thankful that they’re here, because if we didn’t have the immigration and the fertility of these groups in the last 20 years, we would be in the same situation as Japan or a lot of European countries, which are facing a declining labor force and an aging population.”

The US had been a majority white nation for many decades, but that started to change around 1970 when the white population was gradually pushed out of certain areas with massive immigration mostly coming from Mexico.

In 1950 the US was 90% white, today it is about 65%. The trend towards a White minority in America, and indeed many other European countries is not a coincidence, it’s a policy. It’s called “diversity” by the globalists but this policy is described as “genocide” according to the UN definition of genocide. By 2060 there will be states in the US that will have as much as 93% non-white population and only a tiny 7% non-Hispanic White population.

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