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72% of Norwegians say immigrants cause more crime

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A survey conducted by the Norwegian Social Science Data Services (NSD) has found that 72% of Norwegians surveyed believe immigrants cause more crime than native Norwegians, with just 11% disagreeing.

However, 50% agreed with the statement “immigrants improve society with their ideas and cultures”, and only 22% disagreed.

A similar survey from 2000 found that 50% believed immigrants caused more crime that native Norwegians.

And another survey from 2005 found that while 71% agreed that immigrants contribute to Norway, 41% said immigrants cause problems for society, and 33% would feel uncomfortable if their children married an immigrant.

In the 2005 survey, the publisher admitted that the results may have turned out less positive if only native Norwegians were surveyed. 5.5% of Norway was from a “non-Western immigrant population” back then.

Immigration has been increasing and the latest statistics from 2012 found that non-European population made about 7% of the total population in Norway.

Crime is the least of Norway’s worries if mass non-European immigration continues. Due to idiotic “diversity” programs in Norway, Norwegian children are predicted to become a minority as soon as 2021.

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One Response to " 72% of Norwegians say immigrants cause more crime "

  1. F-EW says:

    It seems like a false paradox to me. It’s like saying the internal combustion engine is killing earth but the motorcar is a convenient way to get about. There is no paradox and there are other ways to get about.

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