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UK protesters say 'No' to NHS privatization drive

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Thousands of British protesters have marched into London’s iconic Trafalgar Square against the government’s program to privatize the UK’s National Health Service, the NHS.

The protest march for the NHS was organized by a coalition of activists, political parties and national trade unions. Hundreds of these protesters have been marching for a week from Jarrow, a town 300 miles north of the capital London.

They have vowed to continue demonstrating until the government gives up its plans to privatize the National Health Service.

Among the protesters was the internationally-renowned comedian and supporter of the NHS, Bill Bailey, who expressed worries about the negative impacts the reforms have already had on the service.

Among the speakers on the stage in Trafalgar Square was the Labour Party’s shadow health secretary Andy Burnham who promised that his party would halt the assault on the NHS, if it won next year’s general elections.

Those who have been campaigning to stop the drive to privatization will be hoping that Labour keeps its promises.


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