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Scotland to become independent, new poll raises Yes vote at 54%

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A new poll shows that support for Scottish independence has risen by eight percentage points above support for union with the UK, just five days before a referendum vote.

The survey, conducted by Britain-based ICM research foundation and released on Sunday, showed that the pro-independence campaign enjoyed 54-percent support compared to the 46 percent for anti-independence campaign.

This is while another study by the Center on Dynamics of Ethnicity, based at Glasgow University, has found that 94 percent of the ethnic minorities born in Scotland identify themselves as Scottish rather than British.

The center concluded that the minorities’ tendency toward Scottish identity would give a boost to the independence campaign.

Many ethnic minority voters say Scotland’s more open immigration policy in contrast with the UK is a major factor in their decision making.

Meanwhile, Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond said on Saturday that the Scottish people will not be “bullied” by London or oil companies away from voting for independence.

Scotland will hold a national referendum on September 18 to determine the country’s future. The independence referendum could result in Scotland’s breakaway from the UK after more than 300 years of political union.

The Westminster has repeatedly warned against Scotland’s independence, saying it will jeopardize the UK’s stability and damage its international standing.

Scottish authorities, on the other hand, argue that independence from the UK would free Scotland from London’s austerity policies and unnecessary military spending.


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One Response to " Scotland to become independent, new poll raises Yes vote at 54% "

  1. JoeW says:

    The Scottish vote may start a new wave of separation in other countries as well: Catalonia in Spain, Texas in the US just to mention two. This may even revive the separation of Quebec in Canada. The whole thing started with Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia and now continues violently in the Ukraine, in the Sudan and to a certain extent in Iraq which was created by Western powers. One needs to study history. It proves that artificially cobbled countries may not stand the the test of time. National identity exists despite the political Left which tries to erase it by labeling nationalistic movements as right wing extremism, when in reality it is just human nature – look at all the nationalistic movements in Finland, Sweden, France, the UK and many other ex-Soviet satellite countries. Democracy can only work in countries where the majority has the same value system. This is not the case of diverse population with vastly different outlook on life including but not limited to such values as religious, cultural and political ones. The system becomes quickly the dictatorship of the majority. Look at countries where there is a 2-party system the break is around 50/50. Where there is a 3-party system, the break is around 30/30/30. Good luck with the EU, it may come to and end sooner than you think.

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