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Russia more likely to attack US than China

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Former CIA contractor Steven Kelley has said Russia has a “much larger” potential to attack the United States first than China.

Kelley made the remarks in an interview with Press TV on Sunday when asked about a warning given by a top US Navy commander about a potential attack by Russian and Chinese submarines on the US.

US Navy’s top Atlantic Submarine Force commander Adm. Michael Connor has recently warned that Russian and Chinese naval forces are becoming capable of attacking American bases.

Kelley said he does not think that China is a threat yet, but it possibly will be for the United States.

“I do think that the Russian potential for first strike is certainly much larger, but I would certainly expect that if Russia decided that it was in their best interest to launch a first strike that certainly China would be involved, so that’s certainly a threat,” he added.

The former contractor said the question of the vulnerability of the United States “to attack from the Russian and the Chinese submarines of course has always been there.”

“The Chinese naturally have a much weaker force than the Russians do, but it’s very important to understand that the United States has very advanced technology for defeating ballistic missile systems,” he noted.

“Very much like the situation with 9/11, you can be assured that if a nuclear attack was to be launched against the United States, that the ability for it to be successful would be dependent on the United States allowing it to happen,” he stated.

Kelley also talked about the military capability of China and Russia, saying the US Navy is concerned about the matter.

“The Chinese are working on developing the supersonic torpedoes and cruise missiles similar to the technology that the Russians have developed and now they’re saying that the Chinese are also developing, they’re using a variation of the Russian technology on a much larger scale to develop super-high-speed submarines, naturally this could change things drastically and I’m sure this is something that the US Navy is very concerned about,” he explained.


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One Response to " Russia more likely to attack US than China "

  1. Skreamer says:

    Another fucking joke post! USA more likely to invade any country they feel like!
    They well try to depopulate the earth…..only if you believe their shit!
    Think of all the incredible thing we could be doing as a race with our technology instead of building nuclear subs.
    No man wants to invade countries and kill men,women and children unless he believes the lies they told him! Thats why they use kids or young adults…cause they are still gullible in the ways of the world!
    The first thing you would teach your children is dont join the armed forces! Unlike my parents who were always pushing me to join…”cause they are nazi fuckers” and exceptionally brainwashed by a group know as MK-Ultra!

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